DAPL used helicopters to down drones, cut live feeds as Rosebud camp swept

Forty seven water protectors were arrested yesterday as militarized police cleared both Oceti and Rosebud camps along the Cannonball River in Standing Rock. Helicopters flew low, not to support the ground troops conducting tent to tent raids, but to interfere with resistance drones recording the spectacle. Drone operators report their links being jammed and their drones being forced into collisions if they were unable to avoid the Homeland Security choppers. There were many live feeds being broadcast from drones, long distance cameras and on the front lines. Once Oceti camp was cleared, one by one the feeds were interrupted and dropped. When connections resumed, viewers learned that Rosebud camp too was swept and cleared. Rosebud was on reservation land, not disputed treaty land, but BIA officers helped by militarized police evicted everyone.

2 thoughts on “DAPL used helicopters to down drones, cut live feeds as Rosebud camp swept

  1. The BIA cops, that’s like what happened to Sitting Bull. They dragged him from his sickbed and took him outside and shot him. The Army and the precursors of the BIA told a different story
    but both say that Reservation Police were the ones who killed him.

    The link is to a letter written by the Agency, is incredibly racist, the person who wrote it never actually went to Sweat Lodge or for that matter neither did he actually attend any ceremonial gathering. The issue was the grandfather invitation. Only it was poorly translated into English as Ghost Dance.

    and for the people who didn’t do their homework, that happened at the Standing Rock.

  2. The fascist rat bastards are pushing a propaganda campaign about all the “trash” they’re taking out. Like the tents and other personal items the Army and Cops forced (almost typed “farced” which would be also true) to leave behind, and the Fascists wouldn’t allow the people to take the trash out, for months…

    But the Right Wing are chanting that quote: “these so called environmentalists” end quote were just, well, you’ve probably heard.

    The worst part of it is the Right Wing actually believe their own lies. It makes me think the Leaders actually do give their minions mind altering substances.

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