Denver Stands With Standing Rock #NoDAPL NoKXL No More Fossil Fuels

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1 Response to Denver Stands With Standing Rock #NoDAPL NoKXL No More Fossil Fuels

  1. Brother Jonah Brother Jonah says:

    Seems the Commander in Thief aka Crybaby in Chief, and AG the Rebel Without A Clue bit off a bit more than they thought. Their plan as presented to the voters in the narrow (minded) election has a reek of Jack Daniels about it that seeps through the computer. Seems the stages of drunk, somewhere in the region of singing drunk, fighting drunk and cryin’ about your daddy drunk there’s a little window where they come up with melodramatic megalomaniac schemes.

    I wonder what all imperial plots are fueled by bourbon. “Oh, hey, we can get an emotionally scarred billionaire thief who has a lot of trouble stealing land with his real estate fraud business whose one major business success is a FOX “reality” show, get him to sign a bunch of Executive Orders and everybody will be so scared of us they’ll let us bulldoze everything”

    My guess is it’s at about the time, say 3 AM, when they stop using the glass and start drinking straight from the bottle.

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