You fascist, loofah-faced, shit-gibbon!

When Donald Trump says he’s gotten no calls about the Dakota Access or Keystone XL pipelines saying “Apparently they’re not controversial” he’s trolling you. Making taunts with easily refutted falsehoods is the definition of trolling. But two billion smartphones can play that game, you just have to be as creative as Trump’s writers. However, don’t underestimate Madison Avenue specialists of the lowest common denominator. I know the Donald makes it look so easy, he’s insanely inane, but the selling of Cheetos and Trump bling detritus is a science. A Pennsylvanian senator is having a go, tweeting “Why don’t you come after me, you fascist, loofa-faced, shit-gibbon!” –an expression coined at an Anti-Trump demonstration in Scotland. Accordingly the corporate media is offuscating the Democrat’s name, Daylin Leach, likely because he’s an environmentalist. Let’s see if Trump bites.

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2 Responses to You fascist, loofah-faced, shit-gibbon!

  1. Brother Jonah Brother Jonah says:

    dude, it’s hard to type while laughing so hard. I hit up the shitgibbon site. I always thought that American english was woefully deficit in the supply of available profanity. You just can’t cuss some deserving assmunch very well because you run into the finite ends of how many words you can’t actually speak in public. At least before somebody calls the pigs on you.

    So I forgot there’s more to the English language than Americanisms.

    Wow. My spell checker (which isn’t a synonym for hex editor) actually accepted Americanisms as a word.

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