Critical Mass Rally 3/17

pictureSeventy riders joined the monthly CRITICAL MASS ride through downtown on Friday, St Patrick’s Day, seen by hundreds of revelers and commuters. Our special IWY3 gathering rode down Tejon, crossing on Bijou, Kiowa, Boulder, St Vrain, Pikes Peak and Colorado Ave, doubling back on Cascade, Nevada and Weber St.
Peter put together a fantastic hybred for me just in time for the occasion. Chants of WHOSE STREETS? OUR STREETS were mixed with BIKES NOT BOMBS and SUPPORT THE TROOPS, BRING THEM HOME which became SUPPORT THE TROOPS, RIDE A BIKE!

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  1. Avatar strike says:

    What about repeating this on tuesday 9/11? If done on the right time -say, during the morning rush hour- it could be a great way to improve the visibility and enhance the effect of the General Strike, wouldn’t it?

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