Dog and pony sex show

Little JonBenet Ramsey’s killer has been found. How many stories like JonBenet are on the back burner, waiting for a lull in the news or for the need for a distraction from the news?

How fortuitous that just as a ceasefire is achieved in Lebanon and journalists can finally go back into the country and document the devastation and atrocity and humanitarian disaster and unexploded cluster bombs, suddenly there’s a story on the TV that overtakes every other practically twenty-four-seven.

And this one has an icky factor beyond credulity. A pre-op transgendered pedophile 2nd grade teacher, whose own father thought him dead “I thought somebody would have killed him by now,” who’s been harboring a JonBenet fetish, AS HAS THE REST OF AMERICA OBVIOUSLY, a macabre fascination with imagining a dolled-up mini-tyke in her death throes.

This guy tells the authorities that he was present at JonBenet’s death so he’s yanked out of a Thai jail were he was awaiting charges on some other perverse impropriety.

Now his motives can be pretty muddy. Maybe he wanted to escape the sordid fate of a Thai jail cell. Or maybe he wants to see himself finally linked to the object of his fixation. He gets to be the protagonist in his fantasy of JonBenet’s last breaths. It’s the old high school ploy, isn’t it? If he couldn’t have JonBenet, he’ll settle for the world thinking he had her.

I’m not saying Karr-creep didn’t kill JonBenet. I’m only suggesting that this story’s ick factor should have kept it from soiling our television viewing until something of the voracity of his claims were shown to be valid. And the ick-factor increases as we realize that the media circus is only bringing this gentleman closer to orgasm.

I’m saying that if you or I phoned the police or the media to say we knew where Jimmy Hoffa’s body was buried, we’d get a bite. But if we added that we kept Hoffa in our freezer between necrophilic bouts, or that we killed him because he did not address us by our proper name Napoleon Bonaparte, the cameras might have given pause to let mental health officials sort things out.

There’s plenty of ugliness out there, very little of it deserves front-page attention and for the most part it doesn’t surface. When Geraldo was standing in front of that basement brick wall in Chicago, the supposed site of Al Capone’s vault, ready to show the world what was behind it, he may not have known what he was going to find. But you can be certain his network had already made sure it wasn’t going to be a crack whore’s alley or heroin addict’s den.

Or a dog and pony sex act, unless there is a call for one.

Subterfuge8.28 UPDATE
Bill Mahr spelled it out last night. JonBenet was a diversion from Lebanon atrocities.

Now Jeffrey Dahmer Karr has been unmasked as but JonBenet’s aspiring rapist. But the public is still left slimed by having attended to his sadistic fantasy. People who read James Patterson or Thomas Harris ask to bathe their imaginations in dark pools of that ilk, the rest of us do not.

Don’t blame the Boulder D.A., blame the MSM pornographers.

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3 Responses to Dog and pony sex show

  1. Avatar leighton says:

    20 years of age

  2. Avatar The 13th says:

    Et tu, Brute? and Hello Popeye.

    Venus is kept in Furs for Elise.

    Yes, it’s muvh more rewarding to read the beheading of Medusa and relax. After all, Perseus used The Sharper Image knife.

    What a loaded Pop gun indeed. Slant the slope until it’s a cliff. Build an ark and bring the cameras.

    Yes, I see now.

  3. Avatar Jonah says:

    They’re still ‘digging it up’.

    Two years ago posted thusly Eric…

    sideways talking, yoda-wise, since I am.

    But, we’ve been treated to even more of the back and forth media-slinging on this.

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