Freedom is not free

Opportunistic slogan on memorial to Korean War Veterans
No it isn’t. We fought a revolution to get it. American patriot rebels had to fight against British soldiers and conservative American loyalist dumb-fucks like you who wanted to uphold King George’s traditional colonial power structure. Now you government soldiers want to claim credit for the fighting spirit of the Valley Forge revolutionaries?

Freedom is not free. And we’re likely going to pay a high price to wring it back from you military dumb-ass, no-neck thugs protecting the president-dictator who took it from us. You and your God-damn moronic republican families who half elected the nut. Support the troops? You have to be fucking kidding me!

You don’t have freedom, what are you fighting for? Are you free to dissent? To repudiate the crimes you are being forced to commit? Are you free to take a moral stand against immoral orders? All of us are loosing those freedoms, and you are the man with the gun who’s enforcing it. You’re not giving freedom to the Iraqis or Afghanis, what in the name of Sam Hill are you fighting for?

1 thought on “Freedom is not free

  1. Most Americans think they are free simply for the reason that they never protest against anything.

    One of the most depressing things about these people, is that if they do per happen chance see some oddball with a sign that actually is not in accord with their own sheep-like behavior of driving in circles in vehicles shopping all the time, they simply view the protest as proof in the pudding that they themselves could get out of the car and engage in meaningful protection of liberty and freedom of thought any time they would choose to do so.

    They just never do, that’s all. And because they never do, that is why protest really is not allowed to exist in the US. Instead, the silent majority who think themselves free, are most usually entrapped in a moving metal cage looking out into the nothing that they think of as freedom in their lives. So very paradoxical.

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