Civil Rights are not Liberties

always remember, never forget,

The freedom the military is now arrogantly claiming was a gift from Them to Us, has not been the focus of a single American war fought since 1814. The times when freedom was a side issue to those wars, the Military, like the rest of the Ruling Elite, brutally put down any pipsqueak cries for respect for our rights.

Kent State leaps to mind. The ‘68 Democratic convention. Waco. The MOVE massacre and burning down of a whole neighborhood in Philadelphia, within smelling distance of the Liberty Bell and the seat of the Constitutional Committee, in what was described as the “rudest eviction notice in Philadelphia history”.

The Bill of Rights wasn’t even included, at the insistence of the Federalists and their Army servants. in the first edition of the Constitution.
Slavery was, however.

The Constitutional Convention was called for by the government, meaning the ones who had been recently installed by an extremely bloody revolution.

Not by the people. The people “forced the hand” of the government with an uprising which the Army, “our troops” violently put down.

The Constitution was sent back to committee and Amendments 1-10 were added to it, because the people demanded it, the Army realized that they probably wouldn’t be able to suppress a second rebellion and chickened out, and thus conceded that the people had rights.
If you read the entire Bill of Rights you notice that the government never GIVES us any of these rights,
the Government puts the collar and leash on ITSELF by pledging, literally at gunpoint, that they could not pass laws which would abridge or nullify these rights.

No, these are not civil “liberties”, privileges accorded to us as a little doggie treat for being good and obedient., and which can be taken away from us as punishment for naughtiness.
They are Rights.

We owe no thanks to the Army or any other government employees for them. You did not give them to us. Stand Down!

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