Hugo Chavez Evil Knievel

While everyone was looking for Iran’s Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to seize the headlines, our Chimp-in-Chief receives a dressing down from Venezuelan upstart Hugo Chavez like no one has ever dared address the Emperor before. Not just calling Bush the Devil, but fleshing it out, “it still smells of sulphur in here.”

These words come of course from one of the axis of evils. Evil here being confused for the global justice movement, which seeks equitable rights for all human beings. To an industrialist landlord such a prospect probably does sound evil.

The most successful purveyors of this evil ideology in the last century were Mahatma Gandhi, Fidel Castro, and Nelson Mandela, among others, and most recently Subcommandante Marcos, Hugo Chavez and Eva Morales. There have been more who have been unfortunately crushed like flies.

Hugo Chavez fashions himself after the great populist liberator of the Americas, Simon Bolivar.
That’s about as boastful as, say, George W. Bush telling us the W stands for Washington. But Venezuela’s got the oil, and Hugo Chavez has the love of his people. A liberator for the Americas he may be. Let’s hope he means to save our America as well.

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3 Responses to Hugo Chavez Evil Knievel

  1. Avatar Mindy says:

    I love Hugo Chavez! He always says just what’s on his mind. How many other politicians in the world do this? I wish there were others.

  2. Avatar gojack says:

    October and November ought to get interesting. Bush has stated that the deadline he has given Iran is next month, and Hugo Chavez has declared that Venezuela will stand alongside that country if attacked by Bush. Never a dull moment when your country declares constant war on most of the rest of the world!

    And Daniel Ortega leads in the run for the presidency in Nicaragua, too. Send the troops in again I guess? That election is in November and would give Chavez and Castro yet another friend in the region. Bush stands Contra to that. How many wars can the US wage at one time?

  3. Avatar gojack says:

    This one just in. The head of Pakistan, Musharraf, said to CBS (60 mMinutes) that the Bush Adminstration threatened to bomb his country back to the Stone Age if he hadn’t gone along with their war making in the region. He called that ‘rude’ behavior! So he then became part of the ‘Coalition of the Willing’ despite the rudeness of it all!

    No word yet from the Bush Klan, who just today praised Pakistan for its ‘anti-terrorism’ ac`tivities, on how they planned to avoid ‘collateral damage’ during the bombing back to the Stone Age. This would have been part of their efforts to bring democracy to the Muslim peoples, no doubt.

    WWJD? Probably not what the Democrats would have done if the bombing had gotten under way….

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