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US government can’t get it’s puppet into power in Venezuela through fair elections, but is a coup try again in the making?

The US government and allies, despite pumping big money to its puppet candidate named Capriles, cannot seem to gather much more than the support of only about 1/3 of the Venezuelan electorate. The only campaign platform of D.C.’s man Capriles … Continue reading

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Empire says behave or the next Bradley Manning or Hugo Chavez will be you

Indefinite detention, solitary confinement, torture, and assassination are tools America does not hesitate to use to enforce its feudal corporate agenda. That the US didn’t dispatch Bolivarian hero Hugo Chavez like they did Yasser Arafat is belied by their protestation … Continue reading

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Hugo Chavez- A great man who will always be remembered

He was an honest man who defended and spoke up always for the poor and oppressed, while all the other so called leaders of the capitalist world side ultimately only with the super rich rateros who are looting our planet … Continue reading

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The road to victory in Venezuela! Comparing Chavez to Obama…

Here is a post electoral review of the Chavez campaign leading up to his reelection earlier this month in Venezuela: Venezuela, camino a la Victoria. Oct/2012 And now, a look at the sad campaign of Barack Obama here in the … Continue reading

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Chavez has double-digit lead going into Venezuela’s election this Sunday

Yes, Hugo Chavez is still popular in Venezuela precisely because conditions have improved during his time in office. The US corporate media is calling it ‘a close race’ despite the polls mainly showing quite the contrary? Why? Because the pro … Continue reading

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Is the Venezuelan refinery fire an act of covert US government terrorism?

‘Henrique Capriles, the leading challenger to Mr. Chavez in the Oct. 7 election, said “It’s up the government to figure out what occurred.”‘ Precisely. …Venezuela Refinery Fire Grows… Capriles and his US government allied campaign is arguing that this suspicious … Continue reading

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Argentine players lose to their bosses, New World Order is Old World Order

Team Argentina unfurled a banner before Saturday’s match against Germany, against FIFA regulations, but it wasn’t the one above which calls attention to the organization of grandmothers trying to lift the veil on Argentina’s Disappeared, some of whose murderers still … Continue reading

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The Caracas Commitment Si Se Puede

You might imagine the multinational corporate media would blackout the talk of a 5th Socialist International. They are most determined to censor the issues which the world’s leftist parties are resolved to address. Where Obama 2008 and Copenhagen 2009 project … Continue reading

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Chavez convokes a 5th International

On November 22, meeting with international left wing parties in Caracas, Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez proposed the formation of a 5th Socialist International. (The 1st-4th being: Marx, Engels, Lenin, and Trotsky) Below are excerpts of his address: (Translation from the … Continue reading

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Top 10 secret armies of the CIA

Found this on the web, will try to retrace provenance, worth a read: The United States have a well known history of providing military support to countries in need. But from time to time, the US Government has provided secret … Continue reading

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Che lives in the Florence Supermax

Thursday Oct 8 is Cuba’s Day of the Heroic Guerrilla. By a brilliant coincidence perhaps, Colorado Springs is currently plastered with fliers of the heroic guerrilla himself, smiling from the windows of the least likely businesses, courtesy of the Smokebrush … Continue reading

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Zionist Right Wing launches new effort to fire another Left university professor

University of California- Santa Barbara Sociology and Global Studies Professor, William Robinson, is under attack from the Jewish Anti-Defamation League for having spoken out against Israeli military atrocities in Gaza. Their position is quite simple and is that he should … Continue reading

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Hugo Chavez has message for Obama

Hugo Chavez met Barack Obama at the Summit of the Americas, and presented this gift to the American president: “The Open Veins of Latin America: Five Centuries of the Pillage of a Continent” by Uruguayan author Eduardo Galeano. At the … Continue reading

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Tex Allen The Crook joins Bernie the Bad Billionaire headed for prison

Sure, Tex Al calls himself ‘Sir Allen’ Stanford and likes to host cricket tournaments, but he’s a fifth generation ordinary Texas business crook and not some Grand British Lawdy. He’s going to jail soon!   US tycoon charged over $8bn … Continue reading

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Hugo Chavez will liberate the Americas

When I was in Venezuela, I remember President Hugo Chavez was derided for thinking himself heir to the aspirations of the great Simon Bolivar. I remember laughing myself. You don’t compare yourself to Washington, or Napoleon for that matter. Though … Continue reading

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Venezuelans kick D.C. in the butt

Venezuela’s Chavez wins vote to allow re-election All that control over the press and the Gringos still can’t convince the Venezuelans to let them back into the country once again! Don’t cry for D.C. though, since they’ll just keep trying, … Continue reading

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Misery, poverty, unemployment are growing, and global capitalism is largely to blame

“Misery, poverty, unemployment are growing, and global capitalism is largely to blame,” Chavez said in a convention center before 10,000 of the estimated 100,000 people gathered at the World Social Forum held in Belem, Brazil. Earlier in the day, advocates … Continue reading

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US government to nationalize basic financial industry

You know things are getting bad with the economy when the capitalist US government starts to nationalize industries! But that’s what the Bush Team is going to be doing, alongside their usual supporting cast of Democratic Party politician hacks chipping … Continue reading

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Why I’m helping Hugo Chavez

Like Cynthia McKinney standing up and speaking at the protesters rally in Denver during the recent DNC Carnival, Ken Livingstone, former mayor of London, has been courageously political by visiting Caracas, Venezuela. There Kenneth Livingstone took a stand against US … Continue reading

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Nicaraguan transport strike Made in USA

MANAGUA, NICARAGUA- We crossed into Nicaragua from Costa Rica last week, unprepared for a national transportation strike that had just begun. The cause of this strike is simply that gas prices are going up rapidly, and gas is currently 50-70 … Continue reading

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Castro Chavez Ahmadinejad Maradona!

If they needed another endorsement, the anti-empire dream team receives Maradona’s Hand of God! Diego Maradona sends Ahmadinejad and the Iranian people his praises and a signed number ten jersey. Continue reading

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The US government wins the Venezuelan elections

Hugo Chavez went down in defeat in Sunday’s election in Venezuela. Like the Nicaraguan elections where the Sandinista’s lost power, the people of a Latin American country were once again defeated by the US government in an election. Why? Today … Continue reading

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The King of Spain is a royal asshole

The international press has been reporting for everybody the spectacle of the King of Spain putting down Hugo Chavez with his comment ‘Why don’t you shut up, Little Boy?’ Why the King of Spain should be attending a summit meeting … Continue reading

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Venezuelan top general throws in lot with US

A key figure in the Venezuelan military, Gen. Raul Isaias Baduel, has decided to jump ship and cast his lot with the US. He has become highly uncomfortable, as Chavez has been busy dismantling the entrenched power foundations of the … Continue reading

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You are a donkey, Mister Bush

In an effort to help Dick Cheney and other geophraphically challenged Americans out with their homework , Not My Tribe has decided to put ‘You are a donkey, Mister Bush’ online. Live From Caracas here it is!

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