In more fashion news… change to come to Holland in headwear

In more fashion news, the Netherlands is set to ban motorcycle helmets with visors that obscure the face. They are deemed as a subversive threat to that country’s majority Christian population. IMHO, they should even consider passing a constituional admendment against this type of motorcycle helmet to protect their Homeland Security.

So, on your next vacation to Amsterdam, whatever you do don’t wear a motorcycle helmet with a visor that completely covers your face. You might want to go out and burn an American flag instead, or go out and get whipped by a dominatrix, but practice some prudence when it comes to putting on one of these helmets with visors. It is a serious problem in that country according to, I guess???, the Dutch government. They want you to be outed if you are wearing that naughty motocycle helmet with a visor.

So do you want to be hauled in front of a judge and have to explain such criminal behavior while on your pleasure seeking foreign vacation? For more info about Dutch law and how best to protect yourself in The Land of Dikes click here… Find out about different syles of Dutch headgear

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  1. Burqas too! I was counting on burqas to become fashion de rigeuer as I age and discover that the neck-to-fingertip-to-toe style of dress that I currently favor does not hide nearly enough. I hope the U.S. doesn’t follow the Dutch government’s lead.

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