Innuendo by inflection

False modulation. Do you hear it? American news reporters and TV anchors have evolved a certain story-teller’s sing-song as they read the news. It’s happened particularly on mainstream television and radio. Do you recognize what I’m talking about?

Contrast this Barney-speak with news as it’s read on DW or the real BBC. (Not BBC the World which is BBC for US consumption.) Elsewhere in the world newscasters still read the news as if they are speaking to adults, as though they were delivering a lecture with intent to communicate.

American newscasters today read the headlines with random inflection and emphasis, meant to keep our attention, as that of babies, but not necessarily to best communicate the facts.

Here’s an example. “There are problems” is fairly self-explanatory. “There ARE problems” means what? Someone says there aren’t problems? There used not to be problems, now there are? The problems are contrary to what you might otherwise be thinking? Who might be thinking? Why?

Such innuendo by inflection confuses the issue. Remember the issue? Problems.

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