The J-Class money is back

Behemoth Bermuda RigsAfter 1937, the fabled J-Class sloops, the enormous Bermuda-rigs which vied for the America’s Cup, were discontinued in favor of a compact 12-meter standard. The reason? Humility. The huge J-Class boats were too conspicuous and extravagent for even the world’s rich yachtsmen like Sir Thomas Lipton, out of consideration for the emerging egalitarian world conscience.

With the new millenium, prompted perhaps by the 1999 orgy of 12-meter extrapolations which confused the America’s Cup with catamaran and trimaran design variants, and perhaps due also to advances in ultra light/strong materials, the behemoth J-Class is back.

It’s unfortunate that the J-Class reemergence also coincides with the breakaway of the uber-class, a time when the ultra-rich have wrestled unprecented material advantage from the rest of mankind. While the wretched struggle in war and subsistence, the rich are racing yatchs whose masts can be seen across the horizon. Is there shame in taking many times your share from the mouths of the dying imprisoned masses? There is not.

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