Limbo to be sunk into limbo as it orbits alongside Pluto

I was just getting used to Pluto’s demotion when along comes the news that Pope Rat is thinking about demoting Limbo. Well just how the Hell can he do such a thing, we might ask? It appears that a commission of high Roman Catholic theologians have been considering the concept of Limbo’s existence for some time, and just like all the astronomers got together and said that Pluto is not a planet but just a lowly Kuiper belt object, the specialists on God have decided that The Almighty doesn’t put unbaptized babies into Limbo after all.

Before Limbo came along, it was thought that little unbaptized babies were sent straight into Hell so now they might even be headed to Heaven at this point, since nobody really feels the little boogers deserve to burn etenally in Hellfire once again. The fetuses must go somewhere, too, along with the little unbaptized babies, and Limbo was just such a boring place that theologians began to think that God couldn’t be so Kafkaesque to condemn such innocence to boredom in such a diabolical manner.

To read more about this important issue (and also to see a delightful picture of our handsome Pope) go to this BBC article.

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