Not getting wired

Ideas for iPod ads, GET WIRED campaign.
(Position of dark silhouette, with white iAppliance.)
Prone, with opium hukkah.
Seated, with TV wired in a straight line to eyes.
Corpse on mortician’s table, with embalming fluid.
Fetus in womb, with Coca Cola placenta.
Baby in crib, with Disney IV hanging from mobile.
Standing in disheveled suit, with concrete poured around feet.
Kid standing, with Playstation controller wired to large mounted gun.
Walking in crowd, all with cellphones linked to happy face satellite.
Sitting on bar stool, pants zipper wired to pole dancing stripper.
Pulling oxygen tank, with tube to Oxy cylinder shaped like cigarette.
Kid standing, with Playstation controller wired to nipples and crotch.
On knees, bent over, with [head in] toilet.
Peeing, with urine stream flowing into bottle of alcohol.
Kid sitting on floor, with tooth tied to doorknob.
Chalk outline on crosswalk, with iPod.
Line of dancers in identical position, all with iPods.
Queue of forlorn commuters heading into subway car, all with iPods.

1 thought on “Not getting wired


    I just got a flyer in the mail today for a seminar to convince me that we are living in “The Endtimes”. How droll.

    But in case recipients weren’t enticed by that message, they offered more: a drawing for a free Ipod Nano!

    Apparently heaven and hell are not exempt from love of downloads.

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