Is Tony Blair a member of the US Democratic Party?

I know it’s impossible, Tony Blair cannot both be Britain’s Prime Minister and a Member of the Nancy Pelosi Democratic Party leadership team at the same time! So I guess I’ll just have to blame Neville Chamberlain’s influence for the performance of the British Labor Party when it concerns George W. Bush. Still, I got a sinking feeling that the Democrats do consider Tony Blair to be an honorary Democratic Party misleader.

Lest anybody think that Blair’s falling in line with Dubya on invading and occupying Iraq and Afghanistan is an aberration, how about this commentary about how Jack Straw, Blairs’ Foreign Secretary , saved the day for Pinochet? How Tony Blair and The Labor Party let Pinochet off the hook

Without Blair and Straw, we wouldn’t have had the experience of Augusto Pinochet shooting the world (including the families of his victims) his finger in his last dying days. And that he did. Because of the British Labor Party’s top officials, he was able to walk away totally unrepentent and unpunished.

In contrast, Milosevic spent his last days jailed while dying in the middle of his show trial under suspicious circumstances. All while in custody of those successful invading troops, which included the countries of Tony Blair’s, Jack Straw’s, Bill Clinton’s and Nancy Pelosi’s. His crime was defending his country against those invading troops. Pinochet’s crime, was overthrowing a lawful and democratically chosen government in a coup effort initiated by the US government, and then murdering and torturing thousands of his fellow countrymen. Contrast the treatment dished out to these two, Slobodan and Augusto.

And what did the Democratic Party of the US ever do to bring Pinochet to justice? Well that would be a big and absolute NOTHING.

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