Laura Bush to help out the little African pickaninnies

Those Bushes! When they’re not helping out the infidels in Afghanistan and Iraq, they’re helping out the pickaninnies of Africa! This Thursday, according to the theorectical section of Parade Magazine (Intelligence Report- page 24, Dec. 10,2006), First Lady Laura is having a tea and ‘malaria summit’ at the White House. She’ll be asking good Christians to donate $10 a piece to buy a malaria net for the little African pickaniinnies, who she has become devoted to. The Bushes would be using some US taxpayer funds to help out, too, but this pork is designated to go to help improve conditions elsewhere for the Pentagon and their friends, the contractors.

I know. Some of you have gotten down on Laura. You ask just what is she doing married to a man like Dubya? But Hell, she might have saved the world even by staying in that marriage. Imagine if the President started to drink again while driving under the influence of Dick Cheney? Laura has him on the wagon, reading, and now she even has him helping out with getting the little African pickaninnies live healthier lives. She’s a credit to the South. A little more work with Dubya, and Laura might even get him to withdraw from Iraq! Because James Baker sure as hell ain’t.

We owe a lot to Laura. Let’s hope she keeps up the good work.

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