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BREAKING: CNN loses Korean ferry

Whether an airliner disappears in thin air, or a ship capsizes right before the eyes of rescuers, the failure of modern technology is confounding television viewers. Will the common fate of passengers become the tragic constant?

$35 iNDIApad running Linux reveals iPad users pay for intellectual property

While MIT has been racing to design the world's first $100 computer, India has performed an end-run at a third the price, and it's a tablet no less. Running with open-source software, as genuine volks-werks will, the iNDIAPAD will reach third world schoolchildren for $35, developers at the India Institute of Science hope even as low as $10. Absent keypad and hand crank, but with camera, touchscreen and wireless. Which begs the question of course, what indispensable features drive Apple prices? Bill Gates earned his fortune on them. Patents.

Tea-Potty successfully test-fire Dumb Bomb, counters “Smart Bombs” nicely.

Remember the infamous Speech boycotted by whole School Districts including D-11 locally? The Hoam Skule parents, aided and abetted by the Tea-Party, in turn organized and funded by Fox News, combined to convince themselves that Education Is Satanic. Frightened Tea-Baggers kept their kids from hearing the Zombie-Brainwashing message that educational excellence is a good thing. In doing so, they set up a series of events that has led to among other school districts the Kansas City MO ISD closing half their schools, school closings are the Drug of Choice for the "conservatives" because quite simply, the only way they can hold any kind of political power is to Keep the People Ignorant. They remind me of the "Gone Tertiary" mobs in the movie "Omega Man", led by a former (until they burned down every radio and TV station as "evil") Rush Limbaugh think-alike named Matthias. With their torches and robes, burning down schools, libraries, museums, any form of culture and education, chanting "Evil! Evil! Evil! Evil!" BUT... there is a bright side to this. As painful as it seems, they're tearing their own Empire down. Already, after 8 years of Bush junior and 12 years of the Reagan/Bush Regime breaking down

Technology, is it science or alchemy?

Woman and man? The X and Y for creating life? Actually, symbols for copper and iron, designated by the alchemists; curiously, X/Y to the Bronze Age overtaken by Iron, the supremacy of technology. 11505

Eavesdropping on a tree in the forest

NEUFREISTADT, SL- Wandering a little in Neufreistad last night I came upon a chain hanging from a clock tower. Pulling it would ring a bell far above. It was night in Second Life, the moon and I were alone in the NFS sim, mine the only avatar even in the surrounding sims. The obvious question arose, if I were to ring this bell with no one around, would anyone hear it? 3290

Post-dead canoeist found on Google Pics

How did they trip up the Hartlepool canoeist who paddled out to sea five years ago, leaving his widow with life insurance money, only to surface this week in a London police station claiming amnesia? A snapshot of John Darwin and his wife in their new Panamanian condo, confronted with which his wife confessed "well it explains a lot, doesn't it?"   How the photo came to light is an inspiration to all amateur internet sleuths. An ordinary UK housewife googled John and Anne in Panama. Google Images came p with the picture on the real estate website of their Panamanian broker. Try this at home!

Synergy to the Nth, where N is negative

A miracle of corporate cross pollination. What have we here? Lego Group cum Lucas Arts cum Nintendo? We might have celebrated this as synergy if the product didn't look like hillbilly inbreeding. Computer animation can do no better than smiley faces? If there will be a look that defines this decade, it will be featureless Playmobil and thumb people.   The data processing adage says: garbage in, garbage out. Multiplicative "synergy" has been the sales pitch for corporate mergers and collusions, but the less heralded consequence of sum greater than its parts still holds: crap times crap equals big crap.

The US, determined to lie big once again

WASHINGTON (AFP) - The United States on Monday brushed aside the UN nuclear watchdog agency chief's warning that there was no proof Iran seeks atomic weapons, and invited him to stay out of diplomacy with Tehran. Report continues... 2066

War on terror comes full circle

President Bush & Co make much ado about staying the course in Iraq because he'd rather fight them there than fight them at here at home. What remains unclarified is that we are fighting them here already. 1482

Coming soon to an airbase near you

Time to revisit this leaked C-130 targeting video of a US Afghan turkey shoot. With the Creech AFB remote Reapers, American snipers working electronically can now sit stateside, with YOU AS THEIR HUMAN SHIELD. (The control room chatter remind me of an auction house, where spotters call out the hits in case the auctioneer is too busy to see them.) 1480

Comfortably Numb

Sitting in a puffy leather Barca-lounger, jacked full of Valium and Demerol, God Doctor enters the room. He squats down so that we are at eye level, introduces himself (as if I don't know who he is..I've driven to Denver three times so far to see him), stares into my nearly blind eyes and says, "Did you take something or are your pupils always this huge?" Even in my half-drugged state I had the presence of mind to say, "I took a handful of 'ludes before the surgery; I hope that was okay." He stands up without a word and walks out of the room. 1391

Conspicuous accountancy

The General Accounting Office says they don't have enough manpower to audit the Iraq reconstruction contracts. So much money has been spent, and so much of it has vaporized, that there isn't staff enough to follow it.   I ask you, imagine the white-collar power to abscond with that loot! 945

The incomparable WET-11

Are you thinking you'd like to have cable or DSL connectivity without the cable or phone bill? Do you live in close proximity to a number of wireless neighbors? Here's what you could do: hook up a Linksys WET-11 bridge.   Plug the WET11 into your computer with a standard CAT-5 ethernet cable and you're good to go. The bridge detects any available wireless network transparently. Your OS just acts like you've joined a LAN, but it's the World Wide Area Network. Seamless.   ODDLY, the Linksys WET-11 is no longer on the market. Not so oddly, they are a hot item on Ebay.

Is the Wii not a technological marvel?

I have to admit I love the Nintendo Wii. Christmas chatter around kids this year was all about the Wii. Parents are thrilled that it reintroduces aerobics to the couch potato genre, but I'm not convinced that Nintendo won't have to develop a Wii game that simulates Wii play reduced again to minute finger motions, the original purpose of remotes. It will remain to be seen how long already fat players will endure having to stand and power through games that used to be [sedentary] child's play. 832

Excuse your blind spot

Warning spotted on truck: "YOU ARE IN MY BLIND SPOT." I found myself on the lee side of a passing semi-truck the other day. On the passenger side of the cab, where the driver couldn't see me, I read a sign in capital letters: You are in my blind spot." Yeah? 799

Not getting wired

Ideas for iPod ads, GET WIRED campaign. (Position of dark silhouette, with white iAppliance.)   Prone, with opium hukkah. Seated, with TV wired in a straight line to eyes. Corpse on mortician's table, with embalming fluid. Fetus in womb, with Coca Cola placenta. Baby in crib, with Disney IV hanging from mobile. Standing in disheveled suit, with concrete poured around feet. Kid standing, with Playstation controller wired to large mounted gun. Walking in crowd, all with cellphones linked to happy face satellite. Sitting on bar stool, pants zipper wired to pole dancing stripper. Pulling oxygen tank, with tube to Oxy cylinder shaped like cigarette. Kid standing, with Playstation controller wired to nipples and crotch. On knees, bent over, with [head in] toilet. Peeing, with urine stream flowing into bottle of alcohol. Kid sitting on floor, with tooth tied to doorknob. Chalk outline on crosswalk, with iPod. Line of dancers in identical position, all with iPods. Queue of forlorn commuters heading into subway car, all with iPods.

All your cell phones are belong to us

There it is. A district court judgement just out has revealed that the FBI used someone's cell phone to eavesdrop on conversations held in proximity to the phone. Not ON the phone, in the vicinity of the phone. A cell phone can be tapped at will, used as a "roving bug" as law enforcement calls it, to record and transmit what it hears. The cell phone doesn't even have to be on. 749

First person shooter, nine years old

A nine year old kid recorded yelling at his mom, while shooting. Are we breeding our little indiscriminate killers?   What you'll see is a taped gaming session from the perspective of another player, who can overhear the audio of the kid's microphone and who follows him to eavesdrop as he berates his mother, refuses to turn off the game, and demands chocolate milk not Mountain Dew.   It's eight o'clock, do you know who your children are shooting?

Cell phone dis-servitude

Where is the button on my cell phone to tell it it doesn't control me?   I remember the early adapters who got pagers and quickly learned that they had cut off their escape. At work their bosses could find them whenever they wanted. Leaving your pager at your desk was not an option. Being given a pager was a badge signifying importance that quickly became a shackle of servitude. 706

Everyone has a profile

The 80s cult TV show Max Headroom depicted a post-apocalyptic world dominated by television networks as corporate overlords. There was direct democracy, you could vote right on your television, but only for who should win a contest or whether a condemned man should die. Think electronic lynch mob.   In this big-brother-televises-all world, there was a curious identity concept for describing people who lived off the grid. They were called Zeros and they lived literally outside the confines of the physical city infrastructure. (So difficult it was to conceive of how a person could escape oversight.) Little was known about their personal details, hence, they were zeros. 697