Pot smokers rejoice!

maryjaneColorado Amendment 44 would legalize possession of an ounce of marijuana by individuals 21 or older. If it passes, it could be a first step in a long journey toward a rational and effective federal drug policy. It could generate a national debate about drugs, about civil liberties, about lots of important things.

A few days ago, I said to myself, “Oh, Marie. Don’t get your hopes up about 44. This is Colorado. This is the land of the God Squad. The permanent homeland for a buttload of Jesus freaks (not the cute hippie-types). The promised land for tens of thousands of self-righteous nimrods (a biblical place, by the way). There is no way in hell that this will pass.”

Then, in what can only be defined as an act of divine radicalism, or perhaps it was cosmic libertarianism, Mike Jones happened. And everything changed.

Perhaps this coming Tuesday, as thousands and thousands of the Colorado flock are still wringing their hands and lamenting Chief Ted’s vision quest along the straight and narrow path (wink, wink), they’ll feel too sheepish (ha! I’m slayin’ myself) to pull the little “no” lever. Perhaps at the Holy Spirit’s prompting they’ll experience a new sense of tolerance, of empathy. The scales will fall from their eyes as they wrestle with the complexity and difficulty and joy and pain and duplicity and faithfulness of fallen humanity. Maybe an ounce of pot won’t seem like such a big deal.

Party at my house.

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  1. Christians are NOT Jesus Freaks, you will be tossed down to earth on Judgment Day so Please for the sake of your life become a christian and don’t use obsent language on GOD!!!

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