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ANTIFA beat down Liberal Activist? How about THIS:

Appearance is crucial to examination of the claim. I don’t to my knowledge actually recognize anybody in the ANTIFA movement, nothing strange about that… But FOX was the source for the coverage of the event. So, FOX who don’t know … Continue reading

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Pro-immigrant activists with Occupy Denver file suit against DIA and DPD, challenge airport free speech “permit”

DENVER, COLORADO- Civil liberties champion David Lane has filed a complaint in US district court challenging Denver’s office of the city attorney for instituting a permit process at DIA to prevent public protest. Holding signs has become impermissible at the … Continue reading

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Fuck the Police, say it for those who can’t

If you’re bleeding from a rollover accident and you’re a black male who’s prompted a white suburbanite to call the police, who arrive and shoot you; if you’re a non-suicidale teen who’s fallen from an overpass, broken your back, only … Continue reading

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So Aurora shooter James Holmes has “lawyered up” and “is not cooperating” – you’d think he did something wrong

If law enforcement spokespeople are to be believed, James Holmes has “lawyered up”, EXCEPT that he turned up at his arraignment alone, with a public defender. Does “lawyered up” mean something else, like invoking your right not to be interrogated … Continue reading

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Denver and COS prove occupy party doesn’t kick off until threat of arrest

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Willie and Waylon and Some Other Dude: A story about weed, marriage, and Texas tall tales, Part 2

For you, Willie. God bless the Hell out of ya! Alright, so this is all the same thought and I’m just thinkering around with it some for y’all. And it’s all bullshit.   I bet some of y’all forgot this … Continue reading

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Springs congressman Doug Lamborn tells citizens he answers to private propertied constituents not to public

COLORADO SPRINGS- Local citizens have had plenty to protest with Congressman Doug “Obama is a Tar-Baby” Lamborn, so now the Tea Party bigot has put up a sign, NO PROTESTING. Lamborn declined to meet with community leaders from the NAACP … Continue reading

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NYPD says files on innocent people are integral part of crime-fighting strategy

NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly is fighting to retain the city’s database of “Stop and Frisk” reports. Faced with legislation that would purge 90% the files on people never charged with a crime, he argues such information is integral to his … Continue reading

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From our favorite Fascist (and church-statue Target…)

Ok so he didn’t personally approve it But, here’s a little censorship for us from Sunny Italy, where you can find the famous Italian Sunny Beaches, like the prosecutor in the case linked above. Seems some juvenile delinquents posted a … Continue reading

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Has al Qa’eda won?

America has been bankrupted by bankrolling two massive invasions and occupations, we’ve had our Civil Liberties stripped away by “our” own government, and now there’s the JFK terminal incident today. Like when the guy walked the wrong way in order … Continue reading

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Someone please tell Mrs. Al-Ghizzawi that her husband is cleared for release

…if that means anything. It’s a long story, but after waiting eight years locked in Guantanamo, Abdul Hamid Al-Ghizzawi has a tale that could bear listeners. But his lawyer H. Candace Gorman is not allowed to tell it, she’s under … Continue reading

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Death of a Democracy

The domestic news is bleak across the board. Brother Jonah has already weighed in on the government’s latest post-9/11 power grab. Here’s a little more on the subject.   From the Army Times: Beginning Oct. 1 for 12 months, the … Continue reading

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Free Speech in the USA, USA, USA Zone

Exploring your free speech rights in America. Has it come to this? Mouth off all you want into the online ether or in the privacy of your local spheres of influence, but try to rise above the din where cameras … Continue reading

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RNC set to kick off, and kick ass

It has already begun. Scores of police officers and other law enforcers raided private homes and a St. Paul building as a pre-emptive strike against a “criminal enterprise made up of 35 self-described anarchists…intent on committing criminal acts before and … Continue reading

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Tell me what a police state looks like

“Those who would give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety.” -Benjamin Franklin DENVER- Photos from Wednesday night in front of the DNC.

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Money making opportunity at the DNC

DENVER- Recreate-68’s Monday 5PM event “Shake Your Money Maker” is about encircling the Denver Mint and levitating it to return the banking system’s hoarded riches to the people. If that doesn’t sound lucrative enough for you, other Take Back the … Continue reading

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Oaksterdam University

California is one of 12 states wherein the use of marijuana for medicinal purposes is legal. But what happens when a cannabis patient applies for a job that requires a drug test? Surely an employer must overlook the level of … Continue reading

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The end of America here come the thugs

Naomi Wolf is touring the country to promote her bestselling horror book THE END OF AMERICA. In it she directs our attention to ten steps which have foreshadowed every open society’s descent to totalitarian rule. Rather than signs of nascent … Continue reading

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To John Weiss, INDY peace ambassador

Dear John, I’m sorry to have let you down in your efforts to negotiate a settlement with the city on the Saint Patrick’s Day affair. I have always valued your advice and I remain hopeful that the city will consider … Continue reading

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FBI terrorism and the American Injustice System

Here is how the FBI works. It threatens to have your family tortured in another country unless you confess to a supposed crime that can get you life in prison. Then the legal system comes along and tries to sweep … Continue reading

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Militarizing society everywhere

America’s ‘War on Drugs’ is creating disaster across the planet. This week it came home to my neighborhood, as the Colorado Springs police closed down a whole block on Madison Street, of all places, to do its Swat Team training. … Continue reading

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I pledge allegiance…

One of the most inspirational Colorado events of the last few weeks has been the protest in Boulder by high school students against the mandatory loyalty oath they are supposed to recite daily. I refer to the ‘Pledge of Allegiance’. … Continue reading

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Mayor Sanders of San Diego

There is some humanity left in America after all. Here is Mayor Sanders of San Diego as he announces that he is reversing his position of having been previously against gay marriage and is now supporting legislation allowing it. Mayor … Continue reading

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Shelley’s A Declaration of Rights, 1812

[Poet Percy Bisshe Shelley would float waxed-paper boats on the tide outbound from Ireland, hoping to spread copies of this declaration.]   GOVERNMENT has no rights; it is a delegation from several individuals for the purpose of securing their own. … Continue reading

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Fencing in the Free Speech Movement with Uncivil Liberties

In Chicago, the Ditto-headed Right has fired noted scholar, Professor Norman Finkelstein, for being bothersome to Israel. In our very own Colorado they went after and got Professor Ward Churchill canned for being bothersome by his speaking the truth. But … Continue reading

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