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DEA agents strap on weapons to teach elementary school children about drugs

A Teller County reporter for TMJ snapped this photo of the DEA visiting a local elementary school to give a presentation advising children against the use of drugs. The DEA agents landed a helicopter on the school playground to join reservists already deployed. Despite having secured the perimeter, and disarmed the kids, weapons were the show and tell.

I’ll believe drugs are victimless when a pot activist gets off the couch for an issue other than access to his addiction

I know as many functional drug users as victims of substance abuse addiction, so it’s a complicated issue for me. I’m against drug criminalization fueling our prison industrial complex, but marijuana rights activism seems too guided by self-interest for my comfort. Is your access to pot more urgent than suffering, injustice and inequity? Of course that may be my privilege speaking. It’s a condescending bugger.

US gov supported ‘disappearing’ people in Colombia and now runs Mexican ‘drug war’ killings out of Peterson AFB

The US currently intervenes inside Mexico by running Mexico’s ‘drug war’ out of Peterson AFB, located right here in Colorado Springs where NORTHCOM is located. What track record do the US government and military have in their bloody Made-in-the-USA ‘drug wars’ in the Americas? See Killing in The Name of… Death Squads, Murder and U.S. Corruption in Colombia.

Moms For Pot, damn the kids

For Mother’s Day I was wondering about… MOMS FOR MARIJUANA. Are you kidding me?! Could cannabis users choosing motherdom as commonality for a niche advocacy group be any more half-baked? Motherhood is more than a special interest, demographic or hobby; it bears maternal responsibility. Women For Marijuana for example, doesn’t imply there are children around. One infers from Moms For Pot that there’s a role for drugs in the mothering process, a Just-Say-Yes policy in store for her children, if even there’s an age of consent.

How literally do you want to chain yourself to the adage that an apple doesn’t fall far from the [stupid] tree? Let’s set aside the stupor-addled myopia. Where is that child supposed to go to school? I wouldn’t want a Moms For Pot parents participating with my school. Remember the permissive mother who let kids drink in her basement because they’re going to drink, she rationalizes, why not somewhere safe? But this is worse, more than the condoning of drug use, it’s advocacy of drug use, as a medical treatment, as home remedy, as cure for cancer, who knows, she might recommend it for acne.

I think Moms For Pot are taking a big gamble that pot legalization happens before their kids reach school age. Who is going to be the first one suspected of dealing in school, having the most obvious ready supply? Who will be called to always explain his mother’s public preoccupation with addiction? If the pretext is Medical Marijuana, does he have to describe her as disabled? Will he have to denounce her public advocacy or be accused of being in denial? All pretty heavy for a kid.

Instead of a family leg up, this is a push off the cliff, but not out of character with the drug abuser mentality of me me me.

CLARIFICATION: I’m in favor of drug legalization, and MMJ, just not pushed on kids. And I’d like to see people, for whom chemical dependency doesn’t upset going about their normal life, give serious thought and empathy to the large number who succumb to pot’s worst predations. I know far too many victims of pot and alcohol than can be ignored.

Recreational Psycho-Pharmaceuticals R Us

So, after hearing the Wrong Wing mocking Leftist underground movements (they don’t use “grass root” to describe it , believing their corporate- paid teabags invented it) as “ineffective” from one side of, for want of a better word, their “faces”… and bitterly complain from the other side that Hippies cost “Us” the Vietnam non-war.

Which WE were never given any actual vote in the matter… AND, recently, when the current President WAS Elected, for good or ill, by an historic nearly 2/3 majority, 70 million popular votes the bitter whine went up that somehow ACORN (recently cleared of the lies Breitbart put forth) and SEIU “stole” the election.

And, then there’s the Wicked Weed…

Now, neither Hippies nor other human rights advocates invented Marijuana (Mexican shorthand for Maria Juana, literal translation “Mary Jane”) and, no, Cannabis isn’t a Mexican sinister plot either. There’s a recent archaeological site in Western China of mummified Neolithic/ very early Bronze Age people with light skin, green eyes and red hair and one who was apparently a Shaman had a sack of mummified you-know-what… That bad ol’ Librul PBS strikes again.

Cannabis, in the form of hashish, has been racially profiled by Western Europeans for the “Rise of Ay-Rab Terror” since three concurrent Social Events took place:

1. Western Leaders learned to read and write.

2. Same Western leaders decided to invade for trade routes “Liberate For Jesus” the Arabian Peninsula nd subsequently…

3. Met a whole bunch of Arabs who consistently kicked their collective Arse.

The Crusaders, not wanting to blame their cultural Ignorance, lack of Military skills, moral indifference and their really stupid habit of:

1. Killing more Christians (and Jews) than the Muslims did.

2. Killing more Christians and Jews than the number of Muslims they killed…

3. Throwing their trash and emptying their chamber pots out their windows, thus encouraging rats, and

4. Not bathing.

Three and four, plus the trade routes the Muslims SOLD them opened the squalid ports of Europe to plague-infected rats…

No, Gentle Readers, like the Vietnam fusterCluck deniers, who amazingly include Crusades Deniers in their myopic deluded re-history rants, the LOSERS could-not and will not ever admit the tenacity and skills of the people they Failed to conquer as reasons for their Failure.

So they blame weed.

Not the infamous Mekong Delta Black strain, but Hash.

Seems there was a sect called the Assassins, apparently much more “high”ly trained than the Templars (the Green Berets of Crusaders). So here’s where the narrative falls apart. They can’t reconcile “Hippie” and “Negro” infiltrators (a.k.a guys whose daddies weren’t rich enough to keep them out of the Draft the way most of the Vietnam/Crusades deniers avoided “Service”).

…and these Lefty Underground “dopers” infiltrated, and somehow forced other soldiers to listen to Rock and roll “Nigger music” and smoke pot.

No, the Assassins, who were probably much more likely so named because three generations of their Imams were named al Hassan, (and the “superior” Crusaders weren’t THAT literate) instead the Crusader Hysterians attribute their skill and fanaticism to Weed… and their name to Hashish.

Obviously, the Arab Dopers ate lots of high-carb snacks in the general direction of the knights while giggling and uttering profound statements like “Wow! Far Out! Stone grove, man!”

More seriously, Cannabis has been illegal in America for almost eight decades. The Best and most illustrative examples of the level of debate prior to criminalizing it , were a movie called Reefer Madness actually introduced in Congress as a “scientific” documentary… And a radio-Preacher named Billy Sunday, who railed against Mary Jane, “nigra music”, Jews, and those damned ol’ librul elitists who opposed Fascism and Nazism.

Seriously. He even spoke at a rally of the American National Socialist Party, at Madison Square Garden.

I haven’t smoked in 25 years, can’t because of no self control. If you can limit your consumption to a moderate level, “you’re a better man than I am, Gunga Din” and more power to you. Just a personal note.

New Front in the War on Reason… Hypnosis videos/audios

Yep, you heard it on News 5 (local NBC station) first!
Pueblo County Sheriff department is “concerned” that hypnotic audio downloaded from “youtube” (no, sheriff, that would be the Videos) and titled “Electronic (dope name)” while not Illegal, “glorify the Real Drugs and might get the kids started on the Real Drugs”. Naturally the PTA is concerned. Can’t have the kids using binaural audios which actually increase concentration and improve study habits, nope nope nope dope.
O…M…G…! they must be having a real slow news season wherein the only stories that can be done are made up Yellow Journalism… or perhaps the situations in the Philippines, the Yellow Sea oil spill, the continuing troubles in the Gulfs,

Aden, Persian, Mexico… those Gulfs… need to have attention distracted away from them. Where’s Tiger Woods when you need him most? Meanwhile back in Haiti, the situation gets worse with each passing day.

I had to take the name of PTA in vain because they were the ones who tried to get “Puff the Magic Dragon” banned from the airwaves, saying it’s about “puffing” a marijuana cigarette “magic dragon”.
As Peter of Peter/Paul/Mary said: “Dragons are dragons and drugs are drugs and never the twain shall meet, If we wanted to write a song about drugs it would be like “do drugs because they make you lazy, ruin your sex life and your health”, Dragons don’t have anything to do with drugs and I’ll believe that until you can show me a Junkie Dragon”.

Meanwhile, it appears the Pueblo County Cops are afraid of meditation. Especially as practiced by children. Mustn’t let the kiddoes THINK, now, that sort of thing is downright Subversive.

Never mind the dog, beware of owner… Cute, maybe. Effective, nope.

Guns are what you call “simple”. They’re a simple piston engine, the very simplest being a piece of tubing, a nail and something to snug the nail to the inside of the tube for maximum pressure, then you simply make with a puff of air. With a little practice you can put that nail right through somebod errr Some Thing. Accurate shooting of anything only takes a little practice. Bow and arrow, slingshot, off your mouth, … a couple of hours of practice and you have that part down pat.
What takes a lifetime commitment is how to NOT shoot accidentally, not shoot in fits of rage, not become a murderer. AND, keeping YOUR gun out of the hands of people who don’t care about safety or Human Life in general or specifically. When you take up the Gun, like taking up the Sword, your intention is to kill somebody. Pure and simple and you can dress it up as “self defense” if you want, but it’s still Killing Some Human Being. By the way, an AK 47 or any other military rifle isn’t a hunting device. Unless you want to gut-shoot the animal thus rendering the meat really unsafe to eat (it’s called “e-coli”) you’d really be a lot better off with a slingshot, a bow and a simple counterweight/counterspring snare made from a bootlace. But you didn’t buy your gun for hunting so stop GodDamn pretending, the “beware of owner” sign with a revolver pointed at the reader is strong evidence of that.
What, are you DUMB? You’re going to advertise to every thief in the neighborhood that your house (to professional thieves that’s known as the “Free Store”) has within it something of extreme value to the thief. A gun.

Because with all the Gun Corporation inspired hype about how a Gun will somehow make you safer or stronger or more masculine, there’s a ready market for guns.
Stolen guns are the best kind for committing crimes, you know? Especially if handled with gloves thus the only fingerprints and now, DNA on the “heater” belong to the chump who BOUGHT it originally.

The Military and Police organizations world wide, you know the ones, the ones who Do Not Consider Target Practice To Be Adequate Training for firearm safety, don’t ever leave guns unattended. Not going into the living room with the gun in the kitchen even, nothing like that. When the firearm isn’t in the physical possession of the soldier or cop, it’s signed into the Armory and the Sergeant-at-Arms on duty knows where each and every one of them is and watches any entrance to the place where the guns are kept. Even with that Police and Military guns get stolen, not as much as people who buy them for “home protection” or some mistaken notion that they’re Daniel Boone striding off into the wilderness to put meat on the table. But often enough.

If you’re going to have the store-bought case of “badass” laying around your house unattended it’s the worst case scenario. Unattended means you’re not looking right at it or don’t have it in your immediate physical possession (carrying or holding it) Hiding it doesn’t work. That’s why thieves take EVERYTHING in a burglary. Your dirty clothes hamper, safe hiding place? After just reading me mentioning it, what do YOU think? The mattress, man, they’re going to take the Whole Frekain’ BED, what do you think? I know one lady who hides her money in her feminine hygiene products, and the baby’s diapers, because that’s the only places her lump of a husband isn’t going to ever touch.

Why not just put up a sign on your house saying you have large amounts of cash, and they can have it for the low price of simply knowing when there’s nobody home. Or awake, Is there always somebody at home AWAKE, every minute of the day? No? Then you’re leaving your gun unattended.

Telling people that they better not mess with you because you have a gun is called “posturing” and they’ll simply wait until you don’t happen to have the gun. They’ll probably engage you in some business where you’re not carrying or not watching the gun and have one or more accomplices in your “safe gun storage area” taking your guns. And whatever else they can sell, and anything large enough to hold anything of value.

They’ll take every scrap of food out of your refrigerator, and for the same reason the cops would do it in a search. People “hide” diamonds in their ice tray. Partly because it’s a really funny pun. “ice” get it? Got it? GOOD! They also hide their “cold hard cash” inside frozen food.

So what I’m saying, in many words, if you’re going to have a Gun at least TRY not to be stupid about it. Be surprisin’ not advertisin’.

Putting one of those signs up is like wearing a tee-shirt saying “better not mess with me because my gang will beat you up”… especially when you’re not traveling with your gang.

Don’t make challenges or threats you can’t or won’t fulfill. It just makes you look like a complete chump AND an emotional weakling.

If I needed a gun it would probably be to kill somebody. And I’d put in an order at the local crack-house or meth dealership. They’d probably have some in stock, people who are addicted will trade anything they own for their fix, and… they’ll trade anything YOU own as well. Meth dealers get military grade weapons for no cash whatsoever, it’s not (to them) a cash transaction, it’s trading product, their product with a retail price of maybe $50 cash and their cost about $20.
You could buy at a military surplus outlet, for $20 bucks, maybe… 20 rounds of ammunition for an AK, SKS, M-! variants, Uzi or AR15 variants. Crack and meth dealers will charge you a lot less because they need cash more than they need Thief Magnets.

By the way, their dealerships always have armed guards and always have somebody awake. Just ask the SWAT team how “easy” it is for THEM to get at the goodies using military tactics and, yes, military rifles and guns.

“Suspected” Illegal Immigrants shoot and wound AZ Deputy over “suspected” bales of Marijuana.

Only thing missing, several things actually, are the bales of Marijuana and the suspects. The only thing tying immigration and Smuggling to his shooting is his testimony.
And, really, Pigs LIE. They lie even when they don’t have to lie. But any time they fire a shot, for whatever the real reason is, they’ll LIE about the person at whom they’re shooting. Happens, so it seems, every damn day. They lie to cover their guilt when they arrest somebody for the non-crime of talking back to them. They Lie to cover their use of tasers, beatings while the inmate is handcuffed, and the jailhouse “Suicides” which are quite often the actions of Killer Kops. They have accomplices who regularly accept anything that spews forth from their Lying Pig Snouts. Judges, Prosecutors, the jail doctors (themselves deputized Kops who aren’t going to ever testify against their fellow PIGS.) and the Coroner, also a Pig who won’t testify against his fellow Pigs.
But even lacking anything beyond the word of the PIG, Fox News and all the “Back the Badge ” MORONS who infest this nation are going to chant that it WAS Illegal Aliens, that it WAS marijuana smuggling… Because that’s their level of intelligence. Or lack thereof.

Military Intelligence Inaction

The Coast Guard is going to set fire to the oil slick from the Deepwater corporate boo-boo. Deliberately. You know, the Coast Guard DO get first pick of the finest confiscated Recreational Psychopharmaceuticals.

While their official Irrationale is that they’ve screwed up the ecosystem so badly that this little bonfire will be just another Fart In The Breeze, so to speak, the Unofficial Reason probably works out to be something like “Wow, man, far out, the colors, man, the colors!”

Speaking of colors, about the only thing “green” about the military is their uniforms.

Maybe Glenn Beck and the other Morons at Fox will have a new conspiracy theory to work with,as soon as they get their monthly quota of that Coast Guard dope, that is.

See, Liberal Agents Provocateurs have infiltrated not only the top levels of the Political spectrum but also the Banking, Mining and Petroleum industry and are deliberately sabotaging them from the top down, and that somehow Greenpeace and MoveOn and PETA and just for giggles the American Cancer Society have deliberately gotten Goldman Sachs and Massey and Deepwater to make really stupid forking decisions, just to embarrass the “conservatives”.

Let’s go forward with that, let’s say that Al Gore deliberately set up George Bush by throwing the election in 2000.

The possible combinations are endless. Pointless, too, but then, we’re watching Capital eat itself so any inane statement about it would stick if thrown hard enough.

Yeee-Haww! Gun Totin’ Elmer Fudd students to plan next Columbine at CU

Of course, they don’t want to actually shoot PEOPLE, mind you, just the faceless (to them) threats like Liberals, Blacks, “meskins” Indians, Ay-Rabs, and anybody smarter than themselves. –Dudes, I’ll put this to you bluntly… carrying a Gun is not going to turn you into a Bad-ass. Rambo was a movie. A work of Fiction. John Wayne was an Actor and to the best of anybody’s knowledge never shot anybody. Every single one of his movies, including the “historical dramas” was a work of Fiction. I know, he didn’t star in Rambo, but the same logic applies to Sylvester Stallone. Your fears about whichever of Your Fellow Americans you intend to shoot or try to intimidate into submission with your Big Bad Gun won’t go away, and neither will the people you think will be intimidated by Your Big Bad Gun.

Add in the FACT that if you fire into a crowd, such as the SU building, your classroom, the drunken frat-rat party you’re attending (and you attempt to impress your fellow Big Little Boys with your gun) the odds are much greater that you’ll kill or maim people who you didn’t want to kill or maim, rather than the Liberals, Blacks, Hispanics, Ay-Rabs, Indians, gays, or Real Bad-asses of whom you are so very afraid.

Some of you actually got into college on Merit, meaning you know a little bit about Mathematics. Math is very important to such studies as Physics, including the Newtonian Laws governing the study of Ballistics. For those of you who didn’t actually study to get into college, that’s the study of the behavior of projectiles, applies to everything from a slingshot to a Nuclear Armed Intercontinental BALLISTIC Missile, but the most common usage is for firearms. Because firearms are so cheap, easy to purchase, and just any person regardless of (lack of) intelligence can purchase or steal one, it takes ZERO amount of courage, smarts or Toughness in any form to carry one, to load one or to fire one. One element of ballistics is that the rapidly travelling (around the speed of sound for just about any pistol or revolver, and there is a distinction between the two) will be travelling about 100 to 200 feet per second slower after it goes through the person you intended to shoot, assuming that you hit your target. Most shots fired even by trained individuals don’t actually strike their intended targets.
As hideous as the body count for either of the World Wars was, it’s dwarfed by the number of shots fired.

So you have a far greater “shot” at killing people you didn’t intend to shoot.

But the truly Delusional method of getting really Stupid People to stock up on guns is to convince them that the Gun will, in (lack of supporting) fact, make them less cowardly than they actually are.

So they sell a whole bunch of Guns to emotionally crippled In-DUH-viduals who believe that kind of crap. And, trust me, or don’t trust me, it won’t make any difference to the Truth, somebody who is stupid enough to believe that Gun will make him less of a coward is a danger… to himself, his family, and his Friends first and foremost.

There are far more murders committed by people using guns than there are instances of people defending themselves with a gun, successfully OR unsuccessfully, and beyond that even more accidental shootings of friends or family than both combined.

So we move to another “round” of Mathematics, Statistical Analysis. Every month or so somebody “beats the odds” and wins the Lottery. The Lottery beats everybody else millions of times over EVERY time. When it comes to bucking the odds, the House always wins. It’s why people who own casinos die rich, and people who take their chances at the casinos die poor, even if they “beat the odds” a few times.

Applying the same math to Guns, you’ll lose a lot more than you’ll win. And, with a gun, you lose only once and be de be de be de Th th th that’s all, Folks!

You won’t have a second chance. Your friend or your mom or your brother or your kid or your neighbors kid or YOU personally will be laying there dead. The myth that you won’t have as high a chance of being a victim of crime is just that, a Myth, the Fact that you’ll make yourself more likely to be a crime or accident victim, well, it’s a FACT.

To the tune of 21000 that’s twenty one THOUSAND handguns stolen and well over a MILLION shotguns, carbines and rifles. A year.
even for a Decade, that would FAR more than the number of successful uses of a gun to defend oneself, even counting Police killing a suspect as “defense”.

If you’re serious about buying a gun, you can get the Quality Stuff for really cheap prices at your local Crack House. Because dope dealers trade stash for guns as quickly as they do for cash. If people who are crazed by crack or meth or smack or what-the-Hell-other drug of choice in which they indulge, can steal that many guns from that many “badass” gun owners, you KNOW that the advertising, and hyperbole, from Gun Advocates about how it will make you safer and less of a coward wimp, must be false. A LIE. So, how do you want to make your decision, based on which set of data? The data which are obviously wrong and compiled to fool you into buying the firearms, or the REAL data?

The Media, incidentally, provide three or four “successful use of firearms in home defense” stories a week. For those of you who got into college without learning simple arithmetic, that’s fewer than 300 a year. And the American Entertainment and News Media are so close to universally owned by Right Wing Corporate Fanatics that you might as well say “all” (despite the constant whining about “liberal” media bias, which you hear about WHERE, exactly? Oh, yeah, that’s right, In The Media)

Those “successful home defense” incidents get far more exposure in the “liberal” Media than the gun crimes.

The odds are in favor of the House, remember. Maybe the people of Earth in general and Colorado in particular will get really damned lucky and the only person the shooter deletes from the Biosphere is himself.

Sleeping drug manufacturer: Injuries caused by patients’ fault, not drug

They cite patients using other drugs in combination, including Alcohol, saying “Frankly, the patients need to be more honest.” They also cited the Internet getting the information into the hands of the Patients (who the company prefers would remain ignorant, shut up and do exactly what they’re told) for providing information on side effects, APPARENTLY so the patients can have the information needed to sue when the Drug screws them up.

Cheyenne Mtn white-flight or white lie?

cheyenne mountain footballThere is an aspect about the Cheyenne Mountain High School drug bust story that most interests me. An insider aught to be able to confirm it: Did the student who narc’d on his druggie friends really have to move –siblings, household and all– straight out of town? That weekend, the rumor goes, so terrified was his/her family of the wrath of the “¡MEXICAN NATIONALS!”

No need to reveal the student’s name, and I’m certainly not going suggest the Xanax-stowaway did anything wrong to break the silence, of apparent consent, on the Cheyenne Black Tar Breakfast Club.

But someone who knew the student’s name, could look up his/her address –in the school directory if the address in unlisted, then go straight to the spot, or talk to the neighbors, or of course consult friends you might have in common, to confirm or debunk the hysteria.

Did Family Xanax pull up and go, moving van and all, to parts unknown, protected by the same White Mountain keep-our-troubles-to-ourselves White Witness Protection Program which kept a lid on its untroubled heroin trendies?

I’d like to know, who is it the family thinks is after them, the so-called “Mexican National” devils? Weren’t the two suppliers arrested? Is there a Mexican drug cartel that must avenge what happened? That must keep rich kid students cow-towed in fear, lest the next frightened Xanax-abuser, think little enough to squeal on the next Mexican foot soldiers to take on the rich-kid-malaise HS gold mine?

Why do I doubt it?

Could it be instead, the other white rich parents of whom the Xanax-parental-gardians are more afraid?

It occurs to me now, thinking of a past acquaintance with another local high school, two in fact: Manitou and Coronado, to name them, that their chief drug supplier, a few years ago, lived in the Cheyenne Mountain school district! I visited his house, actually. It was quite spacious, and his father was in on the action, also ran a chop-shop, as I recall.

Now that’s someone the neighbors would know to fear. Is that guy still around? Probably there’s some kind of expiration date for how long a recent HS grad can hang around school without becoming conspicuous.

Am I the only one who thinks there’s a story here? Violence between dealers is commonplace; are customers also kept terrorized? If User X and family did have to skip out of town, who did they flee? Brown-skinned outsiders? Or white skinned bad boys still here?

It’s one thing for affluent Cheyenne Mountain families to keep mum and take their substance-abuse challenge lumps. It’s another to acquiess to drug use like it’s their child’s rite-of-passage, spelled “right.” I’m not sure they don’t think it’s spelled the same. For some privileged folk, it seems a person’s ability to afford something is the only determinant of whether it’s right. Laws do not apply to freedoms they will not be denied.

And of course, the chief benefit derived from propagating the urban-mythic Family Hightails It Out-of-Town story, is that it reinforces a code of silence. We don’t betray our own.

And it slams shut the barn door. There’s nothing further to talk about, they’re gone. Don’t re-ignite the issue lest you invite the attention of the bogiemen out for revenge.

Bearing False Witness
Worse, to me, might be to let the storytellers lay the whole mess at the feet of the White Mountain non-whites. Cheyenne Mountain households are the same conservatives crying for blood at our southern border. They support harsher measures to stem illegal immigration, yet they rely on the undocumented workforce for their domestics. Those who are rich developers, builders and car dealers hire an enormous share of the local illegals. This disparate attitude is not contradictory. Unforgiving immigration policies keep wages low.

And then the opportunist-hypocrites want to blame their children’s drug problems on the same victims.

Let’s find out the truth to that white-flight story. What good is served –to amplify the potentially false stigma– by remaining un-skeptical about such a salacious rumor?

Black tar heroin bust spoils Cheyenne Mountain High School White Christmas

I’ll admit I was pretty floored when I read that students at Cheyenne Mountain High School — my kids’ school — were busted for using and dealing heroin. Apparently, a hired drug-sniffing dog led police to a locker containing Xanax, an anti-anxiety medication, that hadn’t been prescribed for the locker’s owner. The word is that this kid ratted out his fellow drug-using students. Whether this was an attempt to minimize his crime, or to strike a plea bargain of some kind, I don’t know. I called my college girl with breaking news of the drug busts. “Yeah,” she said, nearly yawning, or so it seemed, “it’s not 25 kids, it’s only 15. I heard the two dealers are facing 7 to 12 and the rest of the kids are being sent to rehab.” With Facebook, news disseminates in real time so my scoop was already old news to her.

Undeterred, I dropped in on a fellow mother to deliver my bombshell. “Oh, yeah, there’ve been rumors of heroin use at Cheyenne for at least a couple years.” She proceeded to give me the lowdown on two of the alleged dealers.

Okay, everyone knew but me. But let me at least wager a guess about the future: since no drugs were found to be in possession of any student, there’s nothing the school can do to any of the alleged users. Not even a suspension, which is as it should be if due process is honored. I wouldn’t expect much more than hand-wringing from the parents who didn’t notice their children were strung out on heroin. The kids who’ve admitted smoking the stuff will likely be sent to $10,000/week rehab facilities where they can meet Mary Kate Olson or Lindsay Lohan and come back to mini-celebrity status.

The rest of us will distance ourselves from distasteful realities, likely with the full cooperation of teachers, shrinks, and media. One local headline read “D12 students were sold black tar heroin,” not “D12 students bought black tar heroin.” The subtle difference provides us a tiny emotional cushion.

Rather than dealing with the very real problems that plague our community, we’ll continue to emphasize the role of the drug-smuggling “Mexican nationals” in the corruption of our teenagers. Though the media has demonized them repeatedly, no one I’ve talked to knows anything about them, or exactly what a Mexican national is. But, then again, Cheyenne Mountain doesn’t know much about Mexicans in general, or blacks, or Indians that aren’t the school mascot. Come to think of it, we’d also never heard of BLACK TAR heroin. We thought heroin was supposed to be pure and white, like us. In any case, we take only prescription drugs, which is why we hurt for whichever mother had her Xanax jacked, the not-so-shocking incident that started this whole dark chapter.

The mellow waters of the Springs

tap waterLast week the Gazette reported that Colorado Springs had been found to have methadone and Valium in our tap water, making us one mellow city indeed. Drugs found in Springs water This news was reported in the Denver papers, too, but nobody mentioned where the drugs were coming from?

You probably thought it was coming from drug addicts in their private castles, right? Well… wrong. And don’t look for investigative reporting from the local papers to correct your lack of info either. From the national AP we learn from where these drugs were most likely released into our tap water, and it may surprise you, or not? Tons of Drugs Dumped Into Wastewater

The drugs probably came into the Colorado Springs water supply by way of the local hospitals, Penrose and Memorial? Hey, they wanted the waters to be mellow in the Springs! Don’t grow old waiting for The Gazette to do some follow up reporting on this one. It most likely just won’t happen…

Mexico fed up with results on their country of US imposed drug war

Eleven headless bodies were dumped in a small town in the Yucatan peninsula on Thursday and another decapitated corpse was found nearby. Police suspect the Gulf cartel, and Mexican media say the victims were likely alive when their heads were cut off. On Saturday Over 150,000 march in Mexico against crime
The government of the rich in Mexico took the US money to help militarize further their own country. The results are in, Mexico is becoming another Colombia North. The people pay the price for the corruption of their government of misleaders tied to the Yankees of DC.

If it sounds too good to be true

Human Growth Hormone…it probably is.
Jamaica’s Usain Bolt won both the 100-meter and 200-meter sprints in world record time, something that hasn’t been done in 32 years. The Jamaican women, led by Shelly-Ann Fraser, swept the 100-meter race. Today another Jamaican woman, Veronica Campbell-Brown won the 200 meter sprint. A single country winning gold in all four sprints hasn’t happened since the USA did it in 1988.

All this metal begs the question, what the hell is going on with the Jamaican runners?

I’m much too sweet to have a taste for sour grapes, but it seems likely that the Jamaican sprinters are doping. Their current coach’s association with Trevor Graham — a Jamaican silver medalist in 1988 and coach of Beijing silver medalist Shawn Crawford — who recently received a lifetime ban from the sport for helping athletes obtain performance enhancing drugs, further fuels suspicion.

Of course, the Jamaican Track Federation vehemently denies the doping charges pointing out that the athletes have been tested and retested and, according to team doctor, Herb Elliott, remain “ready at any time at any hour to be tested.”

Sounds convincing…NOT. The dopers are always body lengths ahead of the U.S. Anti-Doping agency. It makes no difference how many times you test if you’re not looking for what they’re taking.

There is a Jamaican saying likkle likkle mek nuff nuff. Loosely translated it means “a whole lot of a little bit amounts to a whole lot.” Or, more simply, it all adds up.

Yep, to a whole lot of gold.

Thank you Obama’s Reverend Wright

What a fantastic development, to have Barack Obama unmasked still early into the election, bursting the giddy bubble which his fans regard as the change Obama offers from Centrism/Neoliberalism/Neoconartistry. Obama is not only denouncing Reverend Jeremiah Wright’s statements. Obama is now telling Americans over-regulation is a problem, Obama is endorsing charter schools, Obama is conceding that some Republican policies are preferable to those of Democrats…

Can you dispute any of the pronouncements of Obama’s Reverend? Even rephrased by critics, I found these criticisms are unassailable, if uncomfortably spirited. Here they are presented in an accusatory article on Barack Obama: WHAT DID HE KNOW AND WHEN?

Racism is alive and well. Racism is the American way.

Racism is how this country was founded, and how this country is still run.

No black man can ever be President.

No black woman will ever be considered for anything outside of what she can give with her body.

America is still the number one killer in the world.

We are deeply involved in the importing of drugs, the exporting of guns and the training professional killers.

We believe in white supremacy and black inferiority. And believe it more than we believe in God.

We supported Zionism shamelessly while ignoring the Palestinians, and branding anybody who spoke out against it as being anti-Semitic.

We do not care if poor black and brown children cannot read and kill each other senselessly

We started the AIDS virus, and now that it is out of control we still put more money in the military than in medicine. More money in hate than humanitarian concerns.

We are selfish, self-centered ego egotists, who are arrogant and ignorant.

The second to last statement may be extreme, but what’s to argue? Whether CIA labs produced an AIDs virus to arrest the exploding populations of Africa, or whether our exploitive capitalism / polluting industrialism / callous militarism / usurious enslavement systems precipitated the genocide over lands from which the developed nations need resources but not people, are either less murderous?

One could split the same hairs about 9/11. Whether our government colluded with the hijackers to facilitate/exacerbate a false flag attack against the first world, or whether our world trade banking policies finally so enraged its victims to goad their desperate symbolic strike on our WTC, are we any the less responsible?

Reverend Jeremiah Wright is absolutely right about all these points. In the tradition of MLK not by coincidence. Barack Obama is being compelled by the corporate mainstream to distance himself from what the American public knows are truths, and all the better. Those of us who know we need a change can see that Obama isn’t going to be it.

“The government gives them the drugs, builds bigger prisons, passes a three-strike law and then wants us to sing ‘God Bless America.’ No, no, no, God damn America, that’s in the Bible for killing innocent people. “God damn America for treating our citizens as less than human. God damn America for as long as she acts like she is God and she is supreme.

“We bombed Hiroshima, we bombed Nagasaki, and we nuked far more than the thousands in New York and the Pentagon, and we never batted an eye.

We have supported state terrorism against the Palestinians and black South Africans, and now we are indignant because the stuff we have done overseas is now brought right back to our own front yards. America’s chickens are coming home to roost.”

Meth lab bust on undeveloped westside

Hazmat truck, fire truck and police cruisers surround meth lab on Colorado Springs west side
Westside traffic was impeded Wednesday by a methamphetamine lab cleanup on Colorado Avenue. Police and fire trucks surrounded the old house while firemen removed hazardous substances in cardboard boxes. Likely the only recourse for this clapboard house will be demolition. Meth labs are fast-tracks for slumlords to flip their properties to developers.

Wouldn’t it stand to reason that landlords should be penalized for taking in drug-dealing tenants? Otherwise, what better way to demo your property. It’s legal arson. You write off, or file a claim, and rebuild to gentrification standards.

The real meth lab epidemic is several years past, but don’t discount the easy tool the hazmat condemnation provides for property owners eager to shed themselves of low-rent digs. Below is a map of previous lab-domiciles that required destruction.

Meth Lab seizures in 2003

Oaksterdam University

Oaksterdam UniversityCalifornia is one of 12 states wherein the use of marijuana for medicinal purposes is legal. But what happens when a cannabis patient applies for a job that requires a drug test? Surely an employer must overlook the level of THC in the blood of a legal pot user? Not so. California courts have ruled that employers are allowed to discriminate against legal stoners — something about federal law trumping state law. Jefferson must be turning over in his grave.

Even the law-abiding growers face unrelenting hassles from overzealous and holier-than-thou law enforcement officers. In our own state, where cultivating medicinal marijuana is legal, cops recently raided the home of a couple of medical providers, arrested them, and confiscated their inventory. Of course, once they’d shown their permit, the offenders were released. The plants, when they were finally returned, were dead on arrival. The couple asked for remuneration for their inventory and lost wages which was, not surprisingly, denied. Apparently the cops have no duty to take due care of personal property seized from law-abiding individuals.

In Oakland, California, a new university has been founded to help cannabis providers understand their legal rights, grow and distribute marijuana responsibly, and even prescribe different pot strains for specific maladies. The school is called Oaksterdam University, which I think is funny as hell. The following is one of the University’s course descriptions:

Budtending/Cannabis Doctors 101
Bartending for the cannabis industry. Train how to effectively and responsibly dispense cannabis to patients and consumers. Separate yourself from the other applicants for jobs at dispensaries. Learn about the different medical strains and their differing effects, and which strains are best for various medical conditions. Hear from a cannabis doctor regarding ethical and emerging political issues. Get information and details about the latest clinical studies.

More information, as well as other course descriptions and an application for admission, can be found at Oaksterdam’s website.

Britney -just what big pharma ordered

Star Magazine prognosisBritney Spears is not just the latest celebrity substance abuse train wreck, nor is she just the opportune diversion for our media eager to obscure private grand theft of the public sector. (Ignore war, warming and the economy, give me more Britney!) Ms. Spears is now also the poster child for corporate America’s biggest crime partners, the pharmaceutical industry.

Is there a medicinal remedy for alcoholism, for a methamphetamine habit, or any chemical addiction? Not really. But there certainly is a burgeoning market for psycho stabilizing, mood tempering meds. And Britney is their “it” girl.

Unlike Clara Bow, or for that matter Mary Pickford forward to Lindsey Lohan, Spears is being pegged for mental disorder normalization, not behavior correction. There’s a well paved road of drug and alcohol excess in Hollywood. Some stars overdose, some recover, just as you or I in anytown, anystate USA far off the tabloids. Frances Farmer was an unwelcome trend setter in the days before Lithium and Thorazine. Imagine if Ed McMahon had been able to pitch Paxil in the wings like Alpo.

Poor Brit. She’s got something the drug companies can cure and they can cure you too if you exhibit her symptoms. Lord knows it’s not uncommon, driving intoxicated, clinging to your children as they are taken from you because you are being judged unfit. Take heart, the diagnosis is not alcoholism which would require government intervention, education, diminished alcohol sales and advertising revenue; it’s not illegal drugs, which would mean more education and law enforcement; it’s not prescription drugs which would require more regulation, education, and a big hit to drug company profits. It’s… would you believe it? MORE PRESCRIPTION DRUGS!

A quick fix for Britney. She’s not drunk, she’s not addicted, she’s certifiable! She’s psychotic, bipolar, manic, etc, it’s treatable! Have you been feeling angry, depressed, tired, driven mad yourself? The pharmaceutical peddlers have a remedy for you. Not less booze, less drugs, or less meds, but more meds. Everyone’s a winner!

The solution to gluttony isn’t fewer potato chips but more of the Olestra butt leakage variety. Consumer-temperance paradox averted. patient’s infirmity stabilized, IV firmly tapped into bank account. Have you seen the prices of the insanity-normalizing medications? Insane! You’re going to wish you had universal health insurance. Or that you could just stop drinking.

Starbucks simply wants the yuppy monied nerds, and not you

Let’s face it, coffee drinkers inside Starbucks reading The Independent instead of The New York Times or The Gazette are just not what Starbucks Management wants. It has nothing to do with a supposed single complaint about The Indy at all, but everything to do with having and keeping a yuppy monied image for their company, or not? Censorship for profit.

A free community paper? Well, that is not what overly caffeinated, yuppy monied nerds that spend too much for their fix want to hang their self image on. That would be a ‘commoner’ attitude to them, Instead, it is that Fraser, Seattle ambiance they are attracted to so magnetically.

Starbucks Management wants to keep it that way and not allow their gated yuppie centers to be turned into low-profit community cafes. I’m surprised that, like a few elite American hotels already do, they simply do not give all their caffeinated yuppy clients a free copy of the Wall Street Journal, and just up some more the price of their already ridiculously priced lattes?

How much nicer for caffeinated hot shots to enter into an area with more high class folk, than low life riff raff reading the back side ads of The Indy? Starbucks simply wants the yuppy monied nerds, and not nerdy old you and me. Well, OK. I don’t like their super hyped dope much anyway.

Getting high with Darwin and Keynes

stop the war on drugsThe war on drugs. Oh yes, it’s a nasty endless little war, one that’s filling our prisons with small-time users/entrepreneurs and costing the taxpayers billions. It’s a war that hasn’t helped our poor addicted countrymen one iota, and it’s a war for which win-happy Bush has not yet declared victory. But neither has he hung his head in defeat, which he certainly should.

The DEA bigwigs ought to be lamenting the indisputable fact that its decades-long fight against drugs is not working. In fact, it’s making things worse. After spending more than six billion dollars to cripple the Medellin and Cali cartels, the IBM and General Motors of the drug industry, cocaine production and trafficking in Colombia has actually increased. Hundreds of smaller and more efficient cartels have filled the void left by the blue chip cartels, kind of like the dot.com explosion, except the brilliant, creative, innovators happen to run drugs. And the DEA hasn’t a clue who they are or how to stop them.

The war on drugs has penalized and incarcerated thousands of small-time drug dealers/users, the weak and dumb, the poor souls who would never be counted among the fittest in a Darwinian assessment. Years of artificial selection have given rise to the super drug-dealer, the one who, like the virulent bacteria that have arisen from overuse of antibiotics, is more efficient, more cunning, more innovative and much more difficult to eradicate. How can politicians hope to win a war with a strategy that ensures that only the most efficient and creative drug traffickers survive?

The relentless persecution of small-time drug dealers has decreased the supply of drugs on our streets. I suppose this can be seen as a good thing. However, the demand remains. Thus, according to accepted economic theory, interdiction has supported higher prices for the super dealers and provided incentive for more traffickers to enter the drug economy.

Alas, the war on drugs has been a complete waste of time and money. It’s time for the DEA to huddle in the war room and come up with a new strategic plan. They should bring in some new generals, hopefully with public health backgrounds. They might even want to get off their moral steeds and decriminalize recreational drug use, thereby decreasing the demand for illegal drugs. They might decide to throw their allotted resources at dangerous criminals and our underlying social problems and let the small-time stoners be. That is if success is truly their goal.

After all, wouldn’t it make sense to address the underlying demand for drugs? Shouldn’t the DEA stop focusing on supply and address the unchanged demand for illicit drugs? Of course, this would mean funding public health initiatives and educational programs which are not nearly as fun as fighting a war against cagey dark-skinned enemies in exotic foreign locales. No, the men in suits aren’t really interested in giving up their fat federal budgets in order to win the struggle against drug abuse.
The war is too much fun.

So we will keep building expensive prisons and filling them disproportionately with people of color, too poor to make waves. We’ll keep propping up the super-drug dealers we’ve created. We’ll ask Congress for $1.4 billion to fight the drug-crazed Mexicans from Merida, the enemy du jour. And we’ll rejoice that, as is true for all of our wars, there is no end in sight.

Sub-Contracting the War on Terror

Not enough looting from the idiotically labeled ‘War on Terror’? Lockheed, Northrop Grumman, and Raytheon are 3 out of 5 companies to be getting $15,000,000,000 of our taxpayer money to ‘fight drugs’.

Hey, we were just protesting at Academy Blvd.and Fountain these 3 outfits last week on 9/11! See US DOD to outsource $15B War…

Blackwater will be part of that, too! Amazing! and lookout! They just may shoot you down, drugs or no drugs.

Tasers in the hands of human nature

I happened upon videos of cops tasering arrestees. Gruesome scenes of obvious sadistic indulgence. Sometimes prolonged and repeated.

While the taser has become a popular tool for the police to deal with uncooperative subjects, it’s hard not to see pure sadism in the guise of standard operating procedure. The police bark their orders (usually, “put your hands behind your back”) and give a warning about using the taser. If still no compliance, zap.

Rather, ZAAAAAAAAAAP. Then the officer repeats his instruction. If the subject is still dealing with the pain, or is disoriented by having fallen, or cannot register the policeman’s command, no matter, ZAAAP again. More howls, more uncomprehending, ZAAAP, ZAAAP, until the officer deems it safe enough to sit on the subject and pull the subject’s hands behind the back himself to apply the handcuffs.

Try laying stomach down on your bed and raising your arms to clasp your hands behind your back. Of course you can do it, but it’s very easy to feel like you cannot. Imagine if you are recovering from the pain of the electroshock, or you’re bruised from hitting the ground, or perhaps you are disoriented from alcohol, as in many of the cases.

While tasers do appear to be reducing our peace officers’ exposure to physical contact with suspected criminals, did we mean to remove the human, humane element of their task? We didn’t hire robots for the job, for example. We probably intended, and we pay police accordingly, to exercise some elbow grease.

The job description for a police officer must include apprehending suspected lawbreakers humanely. We don’t authorize them to shoot suspects or drive Mack trucks into them, even if some law-enforcement researcher was to discover a non-lethal way that could be done.

With tasers, aren’t we touching on the abrogation of the right to due process under law? A person is innocent until proven guilty, we all know that, but it applies here because a person suspected of a crime must not be punished before their day in court. Police maintain that the taser is not a means of punishment, but instead is a non-lethal method to induce compliance with recalcitrant subjects. Putting aside the already numerous taser fatalities, the taser would have to be non-painful as well to comply with the 14th Amendment. Viewing the videos, it’s plain to see that tasers are excruciatingly painful and are being used by policemen as torture devices. Even to threaten to use the device is torture. Torture and the threat of torture is banned by international convention.

I must admit a cynical enjoyment of some of these taser videos. The large majority of subjects not cooperating with the police are drunk. In these videos, they were pulled over for drunk driving or for a domestic disturbance influenced by alcohol. I sympathize with the officers who cannot get through to those people, especially when they are derisive and combative.

The drunks try to avoid the commands they’re given using tactics of delay or distract or abuse. Of course, how much responsibility should they bear for behavior not entirely under their own control? When tasered a drunk writhes in pain like everyone else, but you wonder if he will have any memory of it later. Perhaps this plays a part in an officer’s thinking. The drunk, lost in a chemical state, is suspected of jeopardizing the safety of others, but can be judged on the spot for trying the officer’s patience, the taser becomes a means of instant payback. Traditionally, excessive force would have served this function, but at least the policeman would have had to weigh his interest in exerting the effort. The taser makes it too easy to make the wrong decision.

I wouldn’t trust myself with a taser, I’m too jaded. I already lament the social plague that is alcoholism. There are of course many root problems which our society needs to address. But so also, the alcoholic’s behavior is sometimes vehemently proclaimed to be voluntary. Our having to deal with the adversity and endangerment which alcoholics bring is too often not voluntary. In these videos, I take a vicarious pleasure in stopping that drunk. As long as drunks want to subject the rest of us to their drunkenness, and won’t show contrition until morning, we’ll want to indulge our equal and opposite discomfort and Zap ’em.