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Here are our guidelines for optimized posts.

Project theme within the first or second paragraph. Keep paragraphs as short as possible. Break up the paragraphs so they do not look too oppressive, the better to draw readers in. To place more than one paragraph in the ABBREVIATED PREVIEW is to use put a NonBreakingSpace in the blank line between paragraphs. This is a sequence of characters spelled ” ”

Make your title brief, hopefully a single line across, hopefully never more than two. If you’re inclined toward a protracted title, let it run into the first paragraph of the post. Leave the most provocative element in the title, then put the kicker/theme in the first paragraph of the post. A person can then decide whether they want to read the article, but at least they’ve read that far. Having too much in the title, like a too-long movie trailer suggests to the viewer that they’ve seen the content already.

Try to use capitals in headlines only when the words are proper nouns or speudo-proper nouns. That’s another way to make titles more legible.

When linking to articles, highlight the word you’re linking, then make the link. Try to link chief reference at the beginning of the article.

Add an image at the start of the article to draw the reader’s eye. Use only a graphic that adds content, and attracts attention.

Create a one or two line summary of the article. This can be an abstract or excerpt. It will be used for meta-tags and WordPress functionality.

Use Autometa to select keywords from the article. Add additional words that best reflect the content. Use also words that snag tangential searches.

By default this mirrors the title you’ve composed. It could also be an alternative title designed with search terms in mind.

These might be self-explanatory, although some of our category inclusivity is subjective. Fun is fiction, Local is Colorado, Honeypot is fly paper to surfers.

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