Responsibility- Personal and Political

Here is the Great Helmsman of Conservative America abroad in SE Asia. Yes, the Great Helmsman of the perople who are all talk about ‘personal responsibility’, AND all the time. Bush is the Great Helmsman for that religious crowd, even more so than say James Dobson or Ted Haggard. Character! It’s the key, is it not? So what type of character is George Dubya Bush in Vietnam?

I would respond that Ted Haggard has nothing on Bush here in level of hypocrisy exhibited. A country, too, has responsibilities to behave in manners that are not harmful or destructive to other people in other countries, just like you or I personally as citizens do within our own neighborhoods. What would the neighbors think of us, if Friday afternoon we went out raising money for victims of drunk driving, and at 5:30 AM Saturday morning we were still throwing a bash where people were passed out in the yard, trash was all over the place along with spots of throwup, windows were broken, and the police had been called repeatedly for the loud and ugly music keeping people awake for blocks? Well isn’t that the kind of world neighbor that Bush is the political equivalent of, as he obscenely struts into Vietnem of all places?

Bush is like a drunk, loud and obnoxious, who has run his car over the lawn crashing into someone’s house, then stumbles out in the middle of the night to beat the neighbor’s door down demanding that the neighbor behave better in the future. America has a personal responsibility to repatriate the monetary damages done Vietnam and other SE Asian countries. Trillions of dollars of destruction was done these societies by US foreign policy. Yet instead of that, Bush continues driving aroound drunk into places like Lebanon, Iraq, and Afghanistan to do a yet greater amount of destruction and genocide than done to Vietnam. Then he shows up smiling in Ho Chi Minh City as if the US had never done a thing! Positively obscene.

The United States needs to have its 300,000,000 or so citizens take personal responsibility, and start paying for the care of its victims from Agent Orange that now haunt the orphanages, clinics, and hospitals of Vietnam. Instead of helping these innocent children out, it is off laying cluster bombs around in Lebanon, Iraq, and Afghanistan. It is out strewing Depleted Uranium around to cause yet more birth defects for eons to come. It is off destroying the civilian infrastructure that children need to survive in.

Doctor James Dobson pediatrician, you are all about taking personal responsibility and teaching children that from a Christian perspsective? Then open your damn mouth about George W. Bush, drunk driver, and stop ‘weeping’ about that prick Ted Haggard, too. Instead, help the children of the world out a little and stop being a hypocrite like exPastor Ted. It is all about character, is it not? If you had had better character along with your evangelical buddies, then perhaps we would not continue to be in the Middle East harming the children there as if it was of no concern to us in this country. Have some shame.

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