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$90M in raw profit, 49 layoffs…

That would be our old fiends Focus on yer own damn Family. We're talking here about a corporation which produces NOTHING. No products. A book that was given for free (but at great personal cost from the donors) and what else? Hatred for non-compliant non-conformists and of course, a massive Tax Exemption because they can call themselves a church. I knew a "preacher" 30 years ago who did that as a money-laundering outlet for The Dixie Mafia. I know here a few people who used to work in the mail room. Which, mind you, involves its own ZIP code. They (anecdotal evidence) opened the letters, threw the checks in one box, cash in another and prayer requests and personal letters into the dumpster. That 90 MegaBux represents a significant downturn for them, by the way. 27696

In case of Rapture can I have your car

Maybe I'm being judgmental or something, but I get this really powerful feeling that if the rapture happens today then nobody would notice. The people who are so very sure they're on the list will still be waiting. Maybe counting on making a fortune in the Looting Market would be kind of a mistake. And, given how Jesus talked about rich folks, I wouldn't go counting on a recently depopulated mansion or any luxury cars being suddenly made available. And I don't think that we could get rid of Pat Robertson or Dobson that easily. In fact I don't think the City of Colorado Springs would be much affected by Rapture. Just, you know, sayin' is all.

The “difference” between an IED and a land-mine

Is the difference between a Militia Group (like those commanded by Washington) and the VietMinh or the Taliban "Insurgents" A matter of Semantic Perspective that's vital to propagandists, espicially if the Propagandists don't have anything better. It's the so-called "difference" between "conqueror" and "liberator" , USAF Bomber v Suicide Bomber Decapitation with a sword and decapitation with a .50 caliber round fired frim a Vulcan electric motorized Gatling gun. 14410