The emperor has no gloves

The Bush morning press conference. The gloves are off.

It’s true Bush is a diminutive pugilist, and he’s wowing no one with his wit. But he’s talking a stand, flat-footed, cornered and he’s got a temper.

Bush is the most powerful man in the world, like the Twilight Zone pre-pubescent who can doom us at will. George Bush is the humanist’s worst nightmare, possessed of neither empathy nor piety nor rationality nor wisdom.

We’re less alarmed to see Bush as a bumbling dim bulb. To see him dictating his insane will should give you goose bumps. I heard George Bush’s emergency morning press conference described as the worse ever. I wondered. Most inane? Funniest? Most repetitive? All/none of the above.

This was George unmasked, no smarter than he seems, rather… more stubbornly so, more determined to have his way, forget the constitution, the balance of power, or our civil rights, his way. This emperor has got no clothes and we’ve forgotten that means no gloves as well.

He makes a good point Mr. President. Damn right he makes a good point and I make a good point, it was my point, congratulations to me happy birthday to me where’s my violin?

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