The Pope thinks who should step in?

Pope visits AuschwitzOn Sunday Pope Benedict paid a visit to Auschwitz and asked “WHERE WAS GOD AT AUSCHWITZ?
Why didn’t he ask where was the POPE at Auschwitz?!
We’re certainly asking where is the Pope now? Why is he touring sites of past atrocities when there are current crimes which the Pope could be trying to impede?

Where was the Catholic church when America launched its illegal war? Who has not been speaking out as America rains its state terror upon innocent populations?

We know Pope John Paul was showing some slowing of activity where he might otherwise have been more outspoken againt America’s illegal atack of Iraq. We saw him endure drowsily through George Bush’s 2003 visit. I’d like to think Pope John Paul was drugged to keep him from getting out of his chair and sock George one.

But this pope is freshly minted, doesn’t he want to speak out while there’s still a chance to stop today’s crimes against humanity?

This pope tells us that in his youth he was pressed against his will to join the Hitler Youth. Is he trying to pull a peer pressure excuse this time as well? This is the banality of today’s Nazis. Maybe we do indeed have a Nazi Pope.

Is Pope Ratzinger so confident that fifty years from now a future pope will only stroll through the gate at Camp Guantanamo and ask “where was God” and not where was he and his church?

2 thoughts on “The Pope thinks who should step in?

  1. To bad the Pope can’t realize that the answer is … because there is no God.

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