UK Channel 4 -Iraq the Hidden War

British TV documentary, 49 minutes. For mature viewers only.

Iraqi journalists don’t wear flak-jackets for fear of being mistaken for working for the Americans. But they wear flak-jackets when they’re around Americans because they’re afraid of being shot by them.

Father asking little Iraqi boy: “Do you like the Americans?”
Reply, dismissively: “Do you think there is anyone who likes the Americans?”

2 thoughts on “UK Channel 4 -Iraq the Hidden War

  1. Grim. The most interesting episode, for me to see, was the actual commitment of a US war crime on film. That occurs between 30 and 35 minutes into the film, where a US helicopter gunship fires into a civilian crowd from overhead.

    Nothing will ever come of this war crime, because our government has given itself and its troops immunity to repeatedly do this sort of atrocity on a routine basis without any consequences. Who can take these war criminals to court? Only the American people themselves.

  2. im from Iraq but i would like to thank the britsh govrenment instead of the Iranen govrenment for giving Iraq to Iran!!!!!

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