Jews for Allah might be for you!

Tired of intolerant religion of the Dobson/ Haggard type? There are some alternatives out there. You might consider the Unitarians, Friends, Mennonites, or even Jews for Allah! Hey don’t laugh. I have a good friend that took a wrong turn in life and became a Jew for Jesus for a while. If so many Jews can join the Christian religion that persecuted the Jewish people for centuries, certainly some might find a yet more hospitable environment within Islam.

Funny though, that there is no Muslims for Moses organization that I know of. If there were, then all the Palestinian refugees could convert to Judaism and reenter their Homeland, Pales… uh that would then be Israel.. Seems like converting others to their faith is not the strongpoint of the Jewish religion. It’s an intolerant religion it might seem. And now that I think of it, nobody has everr accused Moses of being like Jesus, say… Can you imagine Moses turning the other cheek? I can’t.

Oh well, what do I know or understand of theology, me being a nonbeliever and all? But you of the Jewish faith, you might want to check out Jews for Allah

Seriously. Don’t tell us it’s not your tribe. Go check them out.

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3 Responses to Jews for Allah might be for you!

  1. Avatar Rahumai says:

    Interestingly enough the organization has comparative guides for almost every major religion except for…..yup: JUDAISM.

    I wonder why….

  2. Avatar jonah says:

    Uhmmm… Tony, Islam does, you know, have quite a lot to do with Moses.

    So does Jesus.

    It’s not all the same, you know, different even between believers.
    You ever hear the proverb that if you get two Jews in one place and you get three sides to the issue? Get 3 Jews together and you get a revolution-in-progress…

    It’s not a stereotype of the people, it’s a serious analysis of the faith.

    How ELSE do you think both Christianity and Islam have survived even with the divisions therein?

    And Judaism.

  3. Avatar jonah says:

    And one controversial view of the Palestinians is that they’re Samaritans…

    As in, the 10 tribes of the northern Kingdom… Israel.

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