Your Homeland Security Bill

A friend and I were talking about how to make the American taxpayer take more ownership of our nation’s outrages over the seas. By making him pay for it. It’s not a new idea, to mandate that government not dip into the deficit to fund its wars –burrow furiously is more like it, with an earth mover– but here’s a novel application. Let’s make every expense of war come straight out of the taxpayer’s pocket.
We call it the Homeland Security Bill. Not the Homeland Security Bill, but your Homeland Security Bill.

YHSB would be a bill that comes every month to you, like your electric bill or cable bill or credit card minimum payment. This bill would be for the costs of war, calculated up to the minute, and prorated across our population in whatever fashion seems fair, each expected to pay their share.

And the costs should be itemized. A new venture against a new foe? Additional R&D overhead. New medical procedures to treat the head trauma injuries of our wounded troopers? Elective of course. As would be alms for the poor invadees.

The Homeland Security Bill should be effective no matter which cheerleading team you are on. If you are pro-war, then you get to feel pro-war. “By Golly, it’s my war and I’m going to pay for it!”

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