Tortured Logic- Thanks Gazette for opposing these attacks on our rights

‘Tortured Logic- Detainee Bill Undermines American Values’ says The Gazette opinion piece today. Congratulations to this paper for an excellent commentary. This editorial puts this newspaper far to the Left of the Colorado Democratic Party, whose Senator Salazar voted for this unconstitutional piece of legislation. And it puts them far to the Left of the Democratic Party candidate for the 5th Congressional District, Jay Fawcett. In the voter’s guide, this Democrat calls for a ‘global war on terrorism’, which only means that he will rubber stamp Bush’s plans to continue America’s constant warfare around the globe. Why are so many people who oppose the Iraq war planning to keep voting for these Right Wing Democratic Party creeps with their ‘get tough’ baloney? It is not opposing Bush to do so.

Thank you, Gazette, for surprising us for once, with this decent editorial that speaks tough against supporting continued US governmental terrorism, against those prisoners the US government has been taking away and hiding from public scrutiny. We hope you will continue to speak out consistently in the same vein, and begin to oppose all aspects of the militarism that plagues our country.

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