Zacarias Moussaoui and US blood thirst

Are we really contemplating hanging Zacarias Moussaoui for plotting to participate in 9/11? Even though he didn’t do it, nor was he even thwarted for trying, but simply for talking about it and expressing his enthusiasm? He’s not even guilty of conspiracy because he didn’t even contribute to the 9/11 effort.
Usually the small time hood who decides not to get up in the morning and go rob a bank, is not regarded as a bank robber. You can’t plead guilty to wanting to commit a crime because that is not a crime. Moussaoui’s behavior should land him into the care of psychiatrists certainly, but no more.
But such is the blood lust of the U.S. government that even though Moussaoui already faces life in prison, lawyers are making every effort, including tampering with the witnesses, to see Moussaoui hanged.

Let me tell you that such blood lust is very unbecoming, but it invites a heart-warming hope. If Moussaoui can be prosecuted for racketeering, for doing nothing, then the racketeering laws will be plenty broad enough to prosecute every last participant in the Bush kleptocracy. Easily. When this cabal falls, its every last minion can be prosecuted for its crimes. And it looks like this can include everyone who even just crows about their enthusiasm for the new world order fascism. This includes the media pundits, every backwater yahoo, and the cretins behind the Progess for America ads.

Most heart-warming of all to this very reluctant pacifist, is this administration’s lust for capital punishment. That blood lust is going to make it all the easier -once the trials begin for war crimes, sedition and treason- to justify seeking the death penalty for every last republican criminal. Après nous le déluge.

Take away the big picture, and there’s still the matter of 9/11 justice to salivate over. Imagine if Moussaoui can be prosecuted for conspiracy for playing no part in 9/11, for not even knowing about it.

Imagine how many truly culpable parties we could hold accountable for conspiring to let 9/11 happen!

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