25 in one

That was the score for friday. 13 in one accident or so they say. Their “accidents” always look suspicious to me.
All in all, a hot day in the middle of winter. Usually at four in the morning I do better than this, but man that sucks.

I know, I know, 25 human beings took the final trip and the best I can come up with is that sucks. no, worse than that, it was “man, that sucks.”

And the others who took the trip with them as well, I can’t think how many… 20. 50 maybe 70 … and as usual all of them were militants.

I really AM in awe of that kind of targeting and precision. All those people killing each other and the U S only gets the bad guys, and never ever kills a single civilian.

2 thoughts on “25 in one

  1. Another way to look at the Weekend Carnage Report, is that the US kill per killed ratio was down over the 2 days. And what never gets reported, is how many deaths from war caused poverty and bad health conditions. How ’bout reporting that?

    This weekend, 25 American GIs lost their lives, 85 Iraqis were killed by American soldiers’ fire, and 887 Iraqis lost their lives due to destroyed economic infrastructure, of which 512 of them were children under 12 years of age. Plus a bundle more in Afghanistan, but who cares now? That’s them people in the boonies. Channel 11 News, out.

  2. Yeah, in the Nam the guys tell me they called that body count.

    When I was in the Air Force, (after Nam) the way of counting civilian dead and Non-military property damage was described as “bonus”.

    Then after I posted this one, I did a final flyover at Yahoo news and there was a headline that said 65 dead in bombings. One of the bombings was a city bus, and I know explosives, a containerized explosion inside a vehicle like that, they would need tweezers to separate body parts from bus parts and then an electron microscope to even count how many people were suddenly ex-men.

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