Dead, in concert-redux

This is just a follow up, there is more to be said, sadly.

There is, according to yahoo news from yesterday (I think) about Mrs Irwin approving an action doll of the Croc Hunter.

I liked his style of ambush environmentalism. Kind of a punch in the face to the people who think of tree huggers as sitting around the campfire singing kum ba yah. Which wouldn’t bug me a bit. I like a campfire, and kum ba yah is a song everybody knows enough of the words to and it doesn’t sound like crap if somebody messes up his lines, everybody else can kum ba yah louder and cover for it. But he never was much on the rampant commercialism that seems to have taken over now that he’s gone. Shiit they were standing on line waiting to get tickets to his funeral.

That was unintended, of course, they were having the affair at the zoo and there weren’t that many seats, but damn it gets eerie thinking about how much they can milk out of it.

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