A few good men

We know we can’t trust our government to tell us the truth about the war in Iraq, or anything else. Nor can we trust the corporate-controlled media. But an opinion piece in today’s New York Times, written by 7 non-commissioned military men just returning from a 15-month tour of duty, provides some insight into America’s noble fight against the nation of Iraq.
Let’s hope that the pen is indeed mightier than the sword.

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2 Responses to A few good men

  1. Avatar jonah says:

    Yeah, I saw that.

    Sunni Proxy Militias = Hmong Proxy Militias.

    Iraqi Army and Police = ARVN.

    Iraqi Army and Police infiltrated by insurgents = ARVN units infiltrated by VietMinh.

    But if you go carryin’ pictures of Chairman Mao = You ain’t gonna make it with anyone anyhow.

    How long do we go through this extended deja-vietnam-vu-saigon?

  2. Avatar jonah says:

    But you do know, technically the Marines have “A Few Good Men” copyrighted and they wouldn’t want to share it with the Army, not even the 82nd Airborne.

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