A rat rats on the rats

Scott McClellan, former White House Press Secretary, is the rat who is ratting on his fellow rats. He says Bush and Cheney made him lie to the press, which is too funny for words for a guy who was in the post of being The Crown’s Official Liar. They must have twisted his arm to make him take the position, no doubt?

It turns out that Bush was the real WOMD. Even his old Press Secretary is admitting that the president of the US is ONE BIG LIAR, and his lies caused a lot of damage to all. Now the Courts will have to decide if it is a felony, or not, if the Boss (‘The Decider’) of the CIA outs a CIA employee? It’s certainly not going to be considered a legal crime for The President to lie to the public though. That’s his job, isn’t it? Though a ‘good’ president would cetainly lie much better than Dubya does. But then he did get The Dummies to support invading and occupying Iraq

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