Float like a butterfly, sting like Al Gore

Once-upon-a-time-Vice-president, Al Gore, now introduces himself at public appearances with a real knee-slapper: the man who won the 2000 election. The joke counts on the audience knowing about the rigged count in Florida, black box voting, Supreme court cronyism, etc, because Al Gore explains it no further. To me it’s like the Monty Python routine, nudge nudge, wink wink, say no more, know what I mean? Except the audience does know and does get it. Hahaha, say no more!

Well I don’t get it. A stolen election, a bitter aftermath, tragic consequences which compound every day, to Al Gore this is a joke?

If Al Gore, Emmy, Oscar and Nobel in hand, wants another shot at the helm, he’s got some ‘splaining to do.

Gore is being given credit for taking global warming seriously, but I’m not sure it reflects his taking responsibility for the problem. What’s he doing about it? He’s running around talking about it. Who does he think is responsible for it?!

Gore wants us to address global warming. Weren’t he and Clinton in charge once-upon-a-time? What did they do about it? The little boy who put his finger in the dike wouldn’t be so honored if the Nobel Committee had seen him laughing while the hole was being drilled.

Now Americans are looking to Al to be the Democrat’s Great White Hope, to step into the ring and trounce Bush and Co in the next election. Does Gore give you any sense that he wouldn’t do the same thing he did in 2000, graciously step aside while barbarians plunder the country, his finger on the alarm bell, a silent alarm meant not to alarm the burglars, pretending but probably knowing that really there are no first responders on the way. Gore is the ambulance driver waiting for roadside assistance, cracking jokes with the patient, both deluded that there’s another ambulance on the way, one dying, the other contemplating another run at a rescue.

Some chose their battles, holding themselves as would-be winners above the fray, had the fray mattered. Al Gore chose his battle in 2000 and it wasn’t the presidency, the fate of the world perhaps being merely academic. To the above-the-fray class I assure you it is. Now the man who would be king wants to weigh in again? Why?

My favorite sports analogy is prizefighting. They are surely the most courageous men who enter the ring knowing they bring no one but themselves to bear against the blows of their opponent. You want to be heavyweight champion of the world? No one”s going to do it for you.

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