Bush’s latest collateral damage- kid hangings

Can you believe this? At least 3 young kids have died by hanging themselves while imitating the hanging of Saddam Hussein during their ‘play’, and the US media has been hiding this news away from us? The corporate press owners are truly a bunch of whores.

Suck, suck suck for Bush and Dick all the time. See this Houston Chronicle article about the 10 year old boy that died by hanging on New Years Day there while playing ‘Saddam Hussein’. Only now is the news of these tragedies leaking out to us. The article mentions the other 2 children that also died while playing this ‘game’.

6 thoughts on “Bush’s latest collateral damage- kid hangings

  1. That is a fuck story of monstrous proportions.
    By that I mean a story that makes you involuntarily gasp FUCK!

    In the Flowers of the Forest ritual, one reads off the names of all the members of the clan who died that year. I think we should add Sergio Perico to the list…

  2. I am probably going to be mobile enough to do my Flowers tribute soon.
    Do we have an up to date list of all the names?
    Since I am at least bi-racial and Multi-ethnic /cultural , everybody in the world is my clan. Doing all the names of just the war dead, or the ones we can find, will make as much difference as I can, with my humble gifts and it will give me a way to grieve without getting unproductively angry.

  3. You bozos need to get your heads out of your collective asses and join the military. You would have a different outlook on life. We need a draft…

  4. Ray, we are the ‘bozos’ who have our taxes robbed from us to pay for you bozos in the military. Say Hello to your Bozo-in-Chief, Dubya, for us, and his collective asses, too. Sieg Heil for Empire, Dude. That’s what you’re really fighting for. Not us.

  5. Hahahaahaahaa…
    Dude, I WAS in the military.!!! Where do you think I got my attitude? One of the things I am proudest of is than on 5 Sep 1979 I was Honorably Discharged from the United States Air Farce, a Great Waste of Life. Not proud that I went in, proud that I got out.

    When people tell me that I have some sort of DUTY to serve the government, I can look them straight in the eye and tell them that they are lying through their fucking teeth. When they tell me that the military or any other branch of the government gives me the right to say these thing I can, again, tell them they are lying.
    When they tell me that service to the government is somehow equivalent to service to my Country, my People or my Nation I can tell them to Kiss my Irish Ass.
    That last is the title of a song by Flogging Molly.
    And unlike your Commander in Thief, I didn’t have a politically powerful family to buy my way out.

    If you feel that you are better, or me the worse, by our mutual differences in status, then I pity you. And I congratulate you that at least you didn’t offer any kind of threats against our persons, such as the usual bullshit response we get from the Right Wing Lunatic Fringe.
    Threats, which though I am certain are real, have yet to be carried out. Perhaps the drunken cowards who make those Heil Hitler threats can’t get enough of their gang up off the floor or out of the gutter to carry them out.

    Apparently you are not one, but I would bet a donut that you know some of them…. mention this to them the next time you are partying with them.

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