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Support ‘Our’ Troops?

Let’s say it up front and bluntly. The often heard litany that we must support the troops is really Code for those who say we must continue to support the entire Pentagon-founded corporate welfare system that the rich use to … Continue reading

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Tom Warren- GreenGo pimp for the Pentagon

Tom Warren feigns being a folksy, bearded, hippy ranger-ranch type, and is the perfect Pentagon GreenGo pimp to be in charge of the public’s manipulation by the military to put Fort Carson expansion into place in Pinion Canyon. He heads … Continue reading

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The Pentagon’s green baloney

The Fort Carson Fourth Annual Community Sustainability Conference is playing in town right now, and is part of The Pentagon’s green baloney program. You might want to take in some of the last sessions over at the Crown Plaza Hotel … Continue reading

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Call out Alliant Techsystems & CACI too

Other military industries complicit in war crimes in Iraq have offices in Colorado Springs at Academy and Fountain Blvds.   ATK Alliant Techsystems is the leading supplier of Depleted Uranium, which is poisoning the Iraqi populace as well as our … Continue reading

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This September 11 in Colorado Springs

All THEIR plans for continued warfare are predicated on the US as being some sort of grand victim in the world, but it is not. Once the Christian Right Wing claimed that their persecution of Jewish people around the globe … Continue reading

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COS military-industrial complex HQ

Almost all of the defense industry giants earning the largest profits in this war on terror have offices in Colorado Springs. Here’s a cluster at the intersection of Academy and Fountain Blvds:     Lockheed Martin, 1150 Academy Park Loop … Continue reading

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Your dad is going to die of cancer

It’s just been reported that the children of soldiers serving in Iraq and Afghanistan are more likely to suffer child abuse. Is this finding not terrible enough for their parents to take heed and refuse to to be ordered there? … Continue reading

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Where are the offices of those cluster bomb makers?

Israel has a unique defense offered up about the 1,000,000 cluster bombs it spread all over Southern Lebanon. It says that they had to use more dangerous US-made cluster bombs than Israel makes itself due to budgetary and accounting problems. … Continue reading

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Colorado Springs IQ ranking

This weekend’s Gazette reported that Colorado Springs ranked 16th among America’s brainiest cities.   Although that may not be saying much in light of the US intelligence quotient these days, I still find the story hard to believe. Other indicators: … Continue reading

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Protest concept 4 BODY BAGS

Instead of coffins, let’s reflect upon the returning U.S. corpses at an earlier stage, in their body bags. Instead of uniform boxes, we’ll sample the various sizes of body bags used, dependent upon what remained of the lost soldier. IED, … Continue reading

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Support the troops

Supporting the troops? What is that?! I don’t SUPPORT OUR TROOPS! What a laugh! As the slogan goes: better to support the troops by bringing the troops home! I don’t support what the troops are doing. I don’t support that … Continue reading

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