Commemorate 9/11 with general strike

General Strike 9/11The call is spreading across the web. Maybe we can make it amount to something here too. Join us on 9/11. Buy gas the day before if you have to, call in sick if you must, but join us on Tuesday, Sept 11, for the General Strike. We’ll be lining Nevada to urge the rest of Colorado Springs to wake up!

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6 Responses to Commemorate 9/11 with general strike

  1. Avatar tony logan says:

    Come off it, Eric, there is no Call for a general strike on September 11, neither here, there, or anywhere. Even if there was a ‘Call’ for such a strike by any organization with any punch, the ‘Call’ would have about Zero effect. People are just not with it yet on this one. Not even close…

    This ‘Call’ is pure ultra Leftist nonsense, since a general strike takes an aroused majority of the population that wants to do something big, not a tiny group of September 11 conspiracy nuts playing semantical mind games with words. And who is this ‘We’ that will be lining the sides of Nevada here in Colorado Springs? The idea was not discussed or voted upon by anybody anywhere, let alone even within the somnolent J&P clique.

    I don’t like being a naysayer, but some thought needs to be put into taking any actions being planned as protest events. Instead, you are just letting crap fly with this nonsense about a ‘general strike’. What an embarrassment! Return to reality, please…

    The Antiwar Movement needs to have serious leadership and not be seen as a group of kids playing around and acting foolish. How sad the present situation in Colorado Springs has become. The J&P has one cliquish group flirting with the police despite people facing criminal charges due to a police attack on them, another clique calling for US intervention into Sudan as being what it mainly wants to do, and another group??? seemingly lost in fantasy talking about participating in totally non-existent general strikes! Talk about being totally confused.

    There is currently only a small group of mainly old people doing very little here in the city. Waving banners on 9/11 in front of Toons for a couple of minutes and pretending to be part of a general strike that day just comes off as being a total joke, which is what it actually is. This is just not a good idea at all, Eric. Unless you want to make antiwar folk here look small and silly? A small protest that day is OK. But don’t call it a boycott, a general strike, a day where we won’t work or go to school, or any other such bullshit. Get real.

  2. Eric Eric says:

    Tony, who are you to say what we should NOT do?
    YOU pick something to DO, stop discouraging others.
    Join us on Sept 11 and you’ll make one person more
    toward a General Strike.
    How would you make it happen?

  3. Avatar The 13th says:

    I think it’d be more appropriate to schedule this event for January 20th (inaugeration day)… but why push at a nub when the towers’ got such bells!

    …or, we could always chastise the bandaids for not being a tourniquet. Welcome back, Cauter.

  4. Avatar tony logan says:

    No, Eric, it would not make it one more person more toward a General Strike with me out there with you in front of Toons on 9/11.

    The J&P is seriously floundering around and I’ll say what I think about that, whether it be about the nonsense of you calling another Toons vigil as somehow being part of a non-existent national General Strike, or how the group is hugging up to the police with joint forums with them about ‘non-violence’, etc.

    What you want is another YES person alongside you as you stumble along at trying to be any sort of leader for the group. I have wished you well up to a certain point, but I am seeing you more and more as a person full of more rhetoric and sweet talk than basic political sense.

    In short, I disagree with your decision making on a whole number of issues, and not just on the one thing that you think has set me off.

  5. Eric Eric says:

    Well your attempt to belittle the strike on 9/11 is shortsighted. This is more than the 9/11 Truth movement. 9/11 is Bush’s rallying cry and the event that precipitated much of what is upsetting people. And lo, yesterday I saw it announced that General Petraeus was to deliver his Iraq Assessment earlier than the scheduled Sept 15, but on… 9/11.

  6. Avatar strike says:

    “While it’s obvious that the coverage of the day of the event will be newsworthy, I think also the organization of the strike merits some attention. Lacking a central command, this action needs a heavy participation of the people. Let me point some items:
    -Banners have to be prepared or printed, but before that the people carrying them have to decide about the content of the banners they will be carrying. If you strike, you have a right to decide why.
    -Striking is not easy, one has to choose whether to ask for the day off, or contact with some unions asking for support/advice, or meet with fellow coworkers to talk together with the boss…
    -What will you do this day? Meet at somebody’s home and discuss? Meet outside and talk to fellow citizens? Stop your city or town (by pacific means such as seating in the ground or linking arms), as it is supposed to occur during general strikes? Again, either previous discussion with colleagues or previous careful documentation of usual procedures is going to be needed.
    -Paperwork: if a lot of people are to gather and disrupt traffic, it’s good to inform the authorities beforehand.”

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