Damn hippies

Hillary and President Clinton circa 1970
Is the jury still out on the Clintons? Bill presided over huge tax giveaways to the rich, NAFTA and other concessions to globalization, the US war crimes of bombing Kosovo and the Sudan, media consolidation, and building the platform which launched George W. For her part, the first lady delivered squat on health care. Since then, have either been anything other than apologists for the current regime? Hippies my ass, those are Halloween costumes! Bill and Hill of That 70s Show were just social climbers attired in whatever folks wanted to see that day.

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8 Responses to Damn hippies

  1. Avatar asdf says:

    Those aren’t hippies. They’re Bushies in wigs, trolling for protestors. The chicks glasses? Pinhole cameras in each lens.

  2. Avatar GunnyG says:

    If I’d seen them then, knowing what I know NOW, I’d have run them over.

  3. Avatar Tony Logan says:

    Potheads, not hippies…

  4. Too bad Hillary gave up the pot and Barry Goldwater…..she might have made a good Commandrix in Chief.

  5. Hi Eric, I`m writing about your photo on our newspaper in Argentina. Do you know in which year it was taken? Thanks!

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  7. Avatar Major George Hutton says:

    Yo Man,
    Like all the neg vibes. Wow, hurts me head.
    Everyone know Bill & H were cool. Prime example
    of Hippiehood, don’t you know, man? Like ah
    peace, dude. Chill Out.
    George, like your favoright neocon & retired combat vet.

  8. Avatar Chainsaw says:

    They were no more hippies than the neocons who were hanging with the left back then because that’s who got to throw bombs and shit on peoples’ desks.

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