Congress sold us out… again… surprise

This time on spying. Of course they tell us that GW is only going to use the newly expanded powers against al Qa’eda. Again.

if you have done nothing wrong, why should you fear the Secret Police, Comrade?

Does anybody else out there actually think? of course that’s purely rhetoric, which IS, after all, a valid and well respected form of debate. It’s just in America where the terms Rhetoric and Propaganda and Conspiracy have taken on negative values.

Something to do with the constant gutting of the Public Education system ever since the Truancy Laws were first used as a counterweight to the Child Labor Laws.

But to force myself back on subject, it is put out as a pure coincidence that the One Single Congress Critter who voted against the USA PATRIOT ACT was the only one who had actually read it. And it’s also a pure coincidence, of course, that it was already written up, hashed out and named before the ashes at the World Trade Center had cooled.

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  1. Avatar tony logan says:

    It’s no surprise that just as they see the people of Iraq as being the enemy so to do they see the people of America as being potentially their enemy, too. We, the people, are not represented by either the executive, judicial, or representative branches of government. All these branches of government are, and have been for the longest time, under the firm control of corporate power. Corporate owners see the people everywhere as their permanent threat. It is we, the people, that will try to curb their power if given the slightest chance.

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