Afghanistan, the word the ‘peace’ troops never seem to mention

In Afghanistan, the US is consistently bombing civilian areas with large loss of life, and yet the US Peace Movement hardly seems to take notice. There’s next to no mention of the US Occupation of Afghanistan at all, with one notable exception being, a Libertarian run site. And the main antiwar coalitions call for peace in Iraq, but do not really mention Afghanistan on their web sites, their lit, or their banners. The reason is quite simple.

Many US citizens supposedly wanting an end to the Iraq War in the peace camp actually continue to support their government having invaded and occupied Afghanistan, so the peace movement, both local and national, has tended to say not a word about ending the US war against Afghanistan.

It’s high time to start changing that silence. It is a matter of showing solidarity or not? It is a matter of being seriously opposed to US militarism or not? It is a matter of being decent, or not? Which will American antiwar activists choose? More silence, or beginning to call for an end to this war against a downtrodden people in a downtrodden region of the world?

1 thought on “Afghanistan, the word the ‘peace’ troops never seem to mention

  1. Shameless bump.

    We have two wars to stop, more actually. Play one against the other.

    It’s the same shit the Bushiites pull on us all the time.

    To paraphrase a violent joke, when they throw a grenade at us, there’s nothing wrong with pulling the pin and throwing it back.

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