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Seems the top story for the day is the Super Duper Hyper-Bole.

Further down the reading list, McCain opposes the non-binding resolution because it is a slam against Our Troops, a vote of no-confidence in their ability to perform The Mission.

Says it would be bad for morale to, you know, offer them the hope that they won’t be trapped in the nightmare war forever….

340,000 people left homeless by flooding in Indonesia…

an ad (i made the mistake 8 years ago of searching Yahoo Jobs) for 30,000 openings paying more than a hundred grand a year, seems like people are falling from the penthouse, the Executive Joblessness rate is rising, folks who are accustomed to making that kind of bread are looking for work.

Off to the side is one of those flashing advertisements that eat way too much of my bandwidth for Pepsi looking to use Public Input to design their new ad on their Times Square electronic billboard…

Meaning they are trolling for suggestions they won’t have to actually PAY for.

All in all a wonderful day…

And a video link teasing with “$6M spent on Super Bowl security”

6 mil, i bet that would buy a lot of nachos and beer…. “hey, that’s nacho beer, get yer own dammit.”

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