Cynthia McKinney 2008, I think I love you!

As a powerful antidote against the nonsensical Juneteenth Day event here in Colorado Springs, thank you, Cynthia McKinney, woman in Green. This is a powerful speech, where she talks about COINTELPRO, the police, and how crappy America currently is now. Cynthia McKinney in Green, 2008. Oh, and LOVE.

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6 Responses to Cynthia McKinney 2008, I think I love you!

  1. Avatar McKinney fan says:

    I found this Draft McKinney 2008 page on MySpace

  2. Avatar The 13th says:

    Thanks for the links, McKinney fan and Tony.

    Tony, do you still think impeachment would be going “too soft” on the shrubbery?
    ( )

    I agree there’s more opportune to be misled in anything bureaucratical, especially a political dismissal, but hell, watching blogs haplessly “gather more evidence” as “info-entertainment” is just as sickening.

    Something should have been done about the lies immediately after the war became a shell game.

    Excerpt from the Washington Post — April 27, 2006:
    “The president has, of course, had plenty of opportunities over the past five years to shape a more rational energy policy, one that would have provided incentives to move away from oil and toward other energy sources. He could have lobbied harder to remove the oil industry tax benefits from the energy bill he signed. He could have insisted that Congress add more tax breaks for hybrid cars, as he now says he wishes it had done. He could lift the tariffs on Brazilian ethanol, which would help address some of the ethanol shortages across the country. He could have endorsed a tax on oil and coal, which of course would not lower the price of gasoline but would, again, begin to reduce demand while encouraging investment in new technologies.

    And he could have used his statutory authority to raise automobile fuel economy standards or persuaded Congress to find other ways to improve mileage per gallon of U.S. vehicles. Again, if he were completely honest, the president would tell Americans that the main reason fuel prices are higher in this country is because demand is growing — and one reason for growing demand is that people drive inefficient cars. They drive inefficient cars because public policy, long shaped by the president and by Congress, has made it advantageous to do so.”

  3. Avatar tony logan says:

    Yes, I think impeachment is not enough just like it really was not enough for Richard Nixon either. Nixon committed burglary which would have sent you or me to jail for some years. Further, he was a mass murderer in SE Asia as is George W. Bush today in Afghanistan, Somalia, and Iraq.

    When American leaders commit war crimes and violate the Nuremberg Conventions by making torture of POWs a routine, then they deserve imprisonment and we should call for it. Impeachment is a procedure that really is more a function designed to remove incompetents, not criminals like Bush and Cheney.

    However, those who call for impeachment are doing it usually because of their revulsion of the criminality of the current president. They just are too timid to directly demand his imprisonment. Why, I do not know, since it would be very much more effective if millions of people were currently talking about Bush/ Cheney being criminals rather than mere incompetents? Of course, to do so would taint the reps of the so many others who enable this Administrative criminality, many of whom have been voted into office by those calling for impeachment of the Prez.

  4. Avatar The 13th says:

    Good reply Tony, thanks!

    Open question: does anyone think that an impeachment would affect the upcoming Presidential campaigns adversely? i.e. like a hydra effect or non-desirable consequence such as prolonging the war?

  5. Avatar Douglas says:

    Here’s this site i found

  6. Avatar Andy Melson says:

    The people are ready for victory and justice for mankind

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