Dallas whores to visit US troops in Iraq

Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders do Apocalypse Now
As the morale begins to plummet, there is always one thing that will cheer up The Troops. Just send in the whores!

For over 3 decades as the USO article below states, Dallas’s finest plastic whores have been doing their patriotic duty as military circus clowns. This year will be no different.

How it must cheer up The Troops to have this bit of plastic Barbie Doll whoredom dance their way into the soldier’s none-too-pleasant desert reality, churning these young soldiers stomachs. Whores do love whores!

Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders to Entertain

Tom Landry can’t be there with The Girls, but how about having Franklin Graham on board in Baghdad, at least? Alas, this year’s musical will not be last year’s big hit, Spring Time for Hitler in Germany, but will be a delightful new score, Autumn Time for Bush in Iraq! Lots of song and dance to be had! But where’s the booze?

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3 Responses to Dallas whores to visit US troops in Iraq

  1. Avatar diddy says:

    such a homo support your country or move out

  2. Eric Eric says:

    Who are you to tell someone to move out you cracker?

  3. Avatar John says:

    Where do you live? Have you ever been to the ” none-too-pleasant desert reality”? Bet you’re going to vote for Clinton; Bill that is. I agree with diddy, you’re a homo!

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