Dick joke

Maybe I was the last to hear this joke: It followed the quite indiscreet news story that Indian males have less than average size penises. A recently released survey indicated that everybody else-sized condoms are too big in India. (Have you hear this joke already?) The special smaller sized contraceptives now being prepared for the Indian market are none other than the standard US Army issue condoms which the Defense Department has been supplying its soldiers to make them think they have large dicks.

3 thoughts on “Dick joke

  1. You got me to thinking about this stupid supposed news item again, Eric. I read it first on the BBC, and now that I think about it, I think it is just the Brits still all peeved off because they lost their stupid British Empire to the natives. So they run this crap on the BBC about Indian men having small dicks to try to get even.

    Yes and the Brits are the Biggest Dicks, I suppose? Oh, Prince Charles>>>> lol… Must be the Murdoch influence in The United Kingdom to headline this sort of stuff. However, Princess Di seemed to prefer Arab meat at that.

  2. Or less inbred at the least. His latest wife/slash cousin looks just like him.
    Damn, that’s harsh. I just hope they refrain from having any more heirs to the throne, because they would probably be just as butt-ugly and baboon looking.

    On one of my Anarchist mail lists there was a link to a Neo-Nazi website, the page in question was promoting the idea that it was medically proven that white men had bigger equipment.

    Guess we all know what’s on their minds……

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