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News Item that Trump is pretending to be Jackson

As in Andrew Jackson as a “working man’s hero backwoods fake as all hell populist” but the editorial was that he was more like Stonewall Jackson. jacks on, jacks off… concentlate, Daniel-san. He was one of those who professed love … Continue reading

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“Ex Machina” heralds creation of life, but Doctor Geekenstein’s blueprint imitates pornography

“WHY DID YOU GIVE HER SEXUALITY!?” asks the geek tasked with debugging the anthropomorphic robot. Except they didn’t. Unless by sexuality you mean just the “female” bits and transluscent circuits where her belly and cranium should be. These filmmakers gave … Continue reading

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Ugandan bombs herald “Al-Shabab” Terror? group, U.S. Domestics hold record.

Is it new Terror Threat, set to replace al Qa’eda as Boogieman Number 1? Ewww… Well, three dead in Albuquerque “Bring your explosive-spewing dildo to work day” incident… Thus bringing the death tolls from the al-Colt, al-smithandwesson, al-ruger,and al-remington Terror … Continue reading

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Remember the Y2K plot?

The one that was supposedly broken by U.S. Customs on one side of the border and the RCMP on the others. That would be Customs before they became the Terrorist acronym “ICE”, under the Liberal Bill Clinton, and the Canadian … Continue reading

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What to do with that prick?

A US analysis of data has thrown a new loop into what to do with the world’s pricks? I know that many women are especially interested in this question, especially America’s nurses, who often debate this question amongst themselves for … Continue reading

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Sexism and the City

I’ve been revisiting old episodes of Sex and the City a lot lately. It’s a fun show for a girl to watch. New York City neighborhoods, ultra-chic fashions, Manolo Blahnik shoes, ever-changing hairstyles. And an endless stream of nameless but … Continue reading

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An obsession with the boyish figure

Was this magazine ad for Calvin Klein’s OBSESSION FOR MEN controversial because it featured an underage Kate Moss disrobed, or because it winked at the greater fashion culture fixation masquerading as the androgynous waif look: the sexualized, pure, although suggestively … Continue reading

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More statistics to sleep on

I hear that less than 25% of the American public knows approximately how many US soldiers have died in Iraq. The total as of today is 3,986. Two other US statistics of note: of men in prison and teenage girls: … Continue reading

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Boeing and Torture- a local company’s business

Boeing is one of the military leech contractors who have their local Colorado Springs offices at the corner of Academy and Fountain, where Peace Activists have held several vigils, one just recently. Driver-byers hardly notice the place and that is … Continue reading

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Hillary the Hoss

Zogby says that is there was an election today, that Hillary Clinton would lose to any and all of the top 5 Republican contenders for president. Does Zogby (like many pollsters) have a hidden agenda that he is using his … Continue reading

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Teletubby Tinky Winky and Prof Dumbledore are outed!

Telebubby Tinky Winky is outed! And in other breaking news, Professor Dumbledore’s own mentor, JK, has turned on her own creation and revealed his deadly secret. Yes, Professor Dumbeldore likes young male Hogworts! I smell yet more literature ahead here … Continue reading

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Almost $1 billion payout in Southern California alone!

Remember back when the Catholic Church was trying to stonewall and lead the public into believing that the pedophiles in The Church were a minor and isolated aberration?   That certainly has changed hasn’t it? In the last 2 months … Continue reading

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Taps for Larry Craig? Maybe not.

My 9-year-old twins learned about stereotypes in school last week. Ever eager to share social messages they receive while in the hands of the state, knowing that hours of rollicking fun will result, they vomited the latest rhetoric gleefully into … Continue reading

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Tucker Carlson sitting in a tree

Do you care whether Tucker Carlson head-bashed a gay man in a bathroom stall, or was on the receiving end, or wants to pretend he could have done it, or that it didn’t happen at all? The point is, Carlson … Continue reading

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Not a homosexual, Craig is a hypocrite

When he says “I did nothing wrong,” does conservative Senator Larry Craig mean: I did not lead the attack against gay rights as well as carp on and on about Bill Clinton’s impropriety? Was Larry Craig peering into your stall … Continue reading

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Undercover urinal duty

What’s with up with Republican legislators and men’s rooms? I love that the media is complicit in trying to limit the damage: disorderly conduct, ’nuff said. Though I also loved the subversively dismissive: what happened was “he said, he said.” … Continue reading

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I had to say something

James Harris has a great interview on Alternet with Mike Jones, friend and counselor of Ted Haggard. It is about his book, the one rejected by local lizard small shop keeper Poor Richard, and is titled, ‘I had to say … Continue reading

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Resistance to gay marriage is inevitable

Gay Pride kicked off this week at the Avenue Bistro on Nevada where a banner on the terrace reads GAY MARRIAGE IS INEVITABLE. May I just say, not to dampen the optimism, but what an unfortunate choice of a taunt. … Continue reading

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John Howard, Australia’s lunatic leader

Just what type of man is John Howard, Prime Minister of Australia? The answer is that he is the spitting public image of George W. Bush, our own lunatic president. In other words, he’s a bumpkin fool. Here he is, … Continue reading

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Let me show you Bad Writing

Poor Richard writes that his bookstore will neither carry the Ted Haggard expose nor host a book signing by its author Mike Jones, sex worker to reluctant habitue, Ted Haggard. Skorman can do what he wishes, but to say the … Continue reading

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The woman from Hell

Every so often a story in the news sort of grabs out at the reader. My first wife used to occasionally call me an ‘aguafiestas’, or a ‘rainer on the party’. Hey, that’s nothing compared to being an ‘mordidafiestas’, or … Continue reading

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An effort to lighten up and artistically improve this site

We don’t get enough Arab culture here in Colorado Springs in my opnion, so in an effort to lighten up and improve this site I am linking to youtube once again. I hope that all of Not My Tribe’s large … Continue reading

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For longer lasting erections

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Nigerian Episcopalian hatred leads to draconian homophobic legislation

How many times have we heard the sorry and hateful Right Wing Christian refrain, that ‘We hate the sin but love the sinner’? Much more honest would be a retort to these people, that ‘we hate the lie, and don’t … Continue reading

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Dance for Virginity

Recently, at the Broadmoor Hotel:   Following dessert, couples file into the adjacent ballroom. Seven ballerinas appear in white gowns with tulle skirts, carrying on their shoulders a large, rustic wooden cross that they lift up and rest on a … Continue reading

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