FBI terrorism and the American Injustice System

Here is how the FBI works. It threatens to have your family tortured in another country unless you confess to a supposed crime that can get you life in prison.

Then the legal system comes along and tries to sweep all this under the rug. See the Abdallah Higazy case and how the US courts have been ruling about it. This is America today.

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2 Responses to FBI terrorism and the American Injustice System

  1. Avatar Johann Hollar says:

    Fuck the FBI, Fuck the police, Fuck the American Justice system. Hail the children of Mao. Long live communism, death to the empire, strenghten America.

  2. Avatar jonah says:

    So are you for or against the FBI and other Pigs committing murders, torture and then perjury, along with False Patriotism and equally false Morality to justify their actions in the eyes and minds of the Truly Ignorant?

    Especially when they do it in the name of Freedom and Law.

    One Law for everybody else, but the Government/King and his Minions ARE the Law and thus don’t have to obey any law.

    Badges? We don’ need no steekeen badges…

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