Flag colors of the Middle East

Flags of the Middle East, a sea of red black and green, clashing with Israel
What colors do you suppose the US and Israel have in mind for a destabilized Darfur/Sudan?

48 thoughts on “Flag colors of the Middle East

  1. YES KURDISTAN. Who is it so outraged at the bare suggestion that the Kurdish people have an ethnic homeland (if only in parentheses)? Neither Iran, Iraq nor Turkey want to grant sovereignty to their Kurd minorities. You may occupy their land, but you cannot deprive them a flag.

  2. Yuu are wrong dear Eric. There was never been a country named kurdistan and their flag.The land you talked about Turkish Land since 1000 years.

  3. Yeah, we know all about how nice the Turks are with the other peoples that have lived on those lands. The Turks must be so proud of their history, especially of the Genocide they committed against the Armenians. What a noble Master Race the Turks are.

  4. Dear Eric
    thanks a lot for your trust in PERSIAN GULF.
    The world must answer to these arabs that want change the facts.
    PERSIAN GULF was, is and will be PERSIAN GULF for ever.

  5. ye kurdistan state since 2000 years !!! you must read books my friend.. kurdistan since tausend years !!!

    free kurdistan 4 ever

    pkk freedom fighters

  6. You complain about the legitimacy of a country called Kurdistan, but never question the legitimacy of one called Palestine! Ha!

    There never was a country called Palestine, or a Palestinian flag.

  7. The flags exist, and the people exist.

    As with the Kurds, for a people with no national identity, as was suggested, there sure has been a lot of genocidal killing trying to wipe them out. By some of the most powerful empires to grace the region. Same with the Palestinian people. Pogrom after pogrom.

    Bebe Netanyahu is maybe an Israeli, but he is NOT Israel.
    With less than a third of the popular vote he swaggers around like a Miniature Mussolini.

    He and his disciples have become what Israel the state is supposedly set up against.

    Likewise Kurdistan. The continual Massive Hate Crime visited on them because they dare to speak their ancient language and identify themselves as Kurdistan, has FAILED to wipe them from the map.

  8. Hehe Kurdistan flag drives Turks crazy!:) well they are pity and ignorant people and they deserve whaetever they will get as Kurds are <20 million in Turkey and 40 m in middle east so they are right to get scared of Kurds!!!

  9. How can you support Kurdish people while they are practicing terror all the time? They never had land nor a flag throughout history… They only created trouble being the stupid tweezer of the West. Westerners poke them and they attack. That’s all they do!!

    What good have they provided to this world so far?
    Have they known to be respectful to the countries that protected them so far?

    This map is a fake! Be human for god’s sake!!!

  10. Yeah, let’s turn that around. For 5000 years a succession of Empires from Nimrod to George Bush (Obama too) have done their best to stomp out the Kurdish people but have each on in its turn FAILED to do so. Despite denying for that entire history that the Kurdish People actually exist.

    TV, your Turkish and Iraqi and Iranian and American and British and Russian “heroes” are only the latest wave of Imperialists trying to stomp out Kurdistan.

    Feeling some sort of pain and humiliation that your Wonderfully Enlightened Empire FAILED? Ha ha ha!
    Your fascist leaders are no better than any others and YOU are stupid enough to pledge your allegiance to them no matter how weak and pathetic they ultimately prove to be!


    Burrrn them chrstmass trees down !



  13. Kurdistan is a grate country i am kurdish i live there , and who want to ignoring the Kurdish ,he is wrong ,because our country is four spices the big one it is in turkey, the second in Iran ,the third in Iraq and the forth in Syria ,that is the truth of Kurdistan < we have peoples living in there taking in Kurdish language so we have culture ,and( kurdish flag) and these land is ours …………………… thanks for all who support the Kurdish case, that is humanity .


  15. LEBANON is the only real country with real people and real free lifestyle. The rest of the arab world is an ignorant, stupid, ugly and stinky sandpit with sheltered, gay, dumb and fuckin ugly people!

  16. You know, it’s possible to be nationalist without being bigoted.
    Of course, the side of nationalism which nationalist parties often forget is that sovereignty is a two way equation, you can’t possibly survive as a nation without allowing and even assisting other nations to survive.

    Something the United States is learning.

  17. We will stick Kurdistan Flag in the eye of all who get blind by see this flag YES KURDISTAN if you dont like to to see Kurdistan Flag you can GO and Fuck your self



  19. All the Turks argue is that Kurds did not have a country?!! only during the Ottoman empire there were five Kurdish Hukumets, Kurdish governments!!! (read your history ignorants, read the Great Ottoman and Turkish civilization book, volume 1 page 62). SO even if the Kurds did not have a country in history, so what, they want one now! why cant you admit, they are also people and deserve what other people already have?!!

  20. Self determination sets a dangerous precedent.
    Since that precedent was already set thousands of times it’s a bit late to try to stop it from happening. When the current empires collapse, it will be bloody. Again.
    In the book of Ecclesiastes Solomon said “There is no new thing under the sun, what is now, was before and shall be again.”
    The life-span of a civilization is measured, as surely as the life span of a man. The simplest of civilizations last longest, Kurdistan for instance is one of the oldest on earth. The peasants, the people of the land (literal translation there) have outlasted Mighty Empire after Mighty Empire.

    It’s the way it is and will be until one last empire finds a way to destroy all mankind with its fall.

  21. LOL Bunch of Raciest S.O.B.s lol. Read Some Books too all you punks that think the know kurdistan. Turks will be called chickens after were done with them. got up to date weapons but still pussies that cant use em. only good at killing out innocent ppl. Whoever wants us can come. we got 4 countrys tryna take us out, one faker than the other soo comeon we made the middle east nd were breaking it now. BIJI KURDISTAN. LONG LIVE PKK PESHMERGAS PJAK. and All kurds….. Fcuk ALL yOu Raciest B*itches.

  22. This is the dumbest website Ive ever seen. Fortunately I can click it off. The middle East needs to be paved and made into a huge parking lot for the worlds largest Walmart, built in what used to be called Palestine. All Arabs will work there, trolling the parking lot for buggies and bagging my groceries and Chinese made items. I for one am going to start a website and hold fund raisers to get the equipment and contractors to begin the total paving of the useless Middle east. I cannot wait for the worlds biggest Walmart to open there. Viva Capitalism, you scum bag commies.

  23. Wow, dude, that is so hate filled.
    You could be a provocateur extraordinaire if you tone it down enough to make it believable.
    Be sure to spell my name right.
    If you can convince the Right Wing that you’re on their side, and, more important, convince the SANE people in America that you’re a bona-fide representative of the Capitalist Elite (spokesman for them, I can see already that you’re not one of Their Club) then you could spark a revival of Socialism and other rational ways of dealing with ones fellow humans.

    Try to downplay the gung-ho because REAL capitalists don’t fight their own battles, any more than they would actually do any of the REAL work that gets them their wealth.
    Instead they get really stupid people to back them up, usually with a Hate Agenda like anti-Islam or Anti-Semitism or a host of other really racist Anti movements.

    So if you want them to believe you’re one of them, you’ll have to pose as a ChickenHawk like Bush or Cheney or any member of the Walton family (since you mentioned Wally World) (repeatedly)

    So spice it up a bit, say that people who don’t shop at WalMart should be killed as traitors, mention how you’d do it yourself but…

    See, you’ll have to come up with a good excuse to follow the word “but” and make it sound as stupid as your average FOX audience member.

    Try to make it on the level of Rush Limbaugh’s Pimple Up the Ass excuse, Mitt Romney saying his Mormon Missionary duty prevented him from being drafted therefore he couldn’t actually, you know, enlist or anything like that, His sons saying their more important duty to America was to make sure their dad got elected. When they failed they still didn’t enlist. Barb and Jenna Bush with their excuse that they were filthy stinking rich and Army service is only for peasants, something like that. Don’t make your excuse for not physically backing up the Capitalist system to be iron-clad believable.
    You have to make it just inane enough that really stupid people will believe it, because they’re the ones you’re supposedly trying to convince vote for or otherwise support the Right Wing Agenda.

    Lay off saying “fundraiser to make a Wal-Mart” as large as the entire land area of the United States. First off it shows you aren’t going to come up with the bread yourself. C’mon man, you gotta make it BELIEVABLE. (at least to morons)
    Also Mall-Wart markets to people who aren’t going to travel more than 5 miles to get to the store, it doesn’t sound like a viable business model.

    So you almost got it down, but you’re trying to make yourself come off as somehow superior in mind and body to any Leftists.
    Hard to do when you’re supposedly representing people who think Public Education is dangerous.
    Also, posting “I can easily click off” the website then staying around to post 6 more times isn’t like you’re trying very hard to get away from the Wall of Rational Thought.

    It just makes you look like a troll and not a very bright one at that.
    But with a little training you’ll do nicely.

    I do like the fundraising idea for building WalMarts though, if Capital can be shown to be so weak that the richest family in the world can’t even support their own empire (and really they don’t, their employees do and are held in bondage through Government Subsidies like the Police making sure they can’t join or organize unions)
    But the subsidies the Very Rich enjoy are too subtle to convince the Very Simple Right Wing Morons.

    Also that Capital doesn’t have the means to actually physically conquer the Middle East, the money alone would be a huge obstacle.
    And since the ones you claim to support have 40 times as much money as 51% of the American people combined, and still can’t do it even going into massive debt, there’s very little you could do in the way of internet fundraising to build the Fantasy Mall in the Middle East..
    But have fun with it.

  24. I still believe the parking lot idea is groovy. Makes more sense geographically since it is in fact the Middle East. All your rhetoric does not change the fact that the Mid East is a rotting cesspool of 7th century barbarism.
    Your unicorn and skittles world views aside, I have stamped your argument and this hippie loving site INVALID.

  25. 7th century barbarism? Like Charlemagne and his illiterate daddy claiming to be, as you do, ever so much smarter than those dark skinned sand-people? The ones who were so horribly oppressive to Jews and Christians that 5 more centuries and crusades down the line, Richard Couer-de-Leon still found thriving communities, synagogues and churches under the Caliphate in Jerusalem to make quite a name for himself by burning their building and executing them? While in pursuit of getting his Royal Arse kicked back to England and France and a huge number of his followers slaughtered…

    Face it, “patriot”, the Warmongers who give you that useless hate-speech don’t want the middle east destroyed. That would mean the oil fields they use foolish little hate freaks like yourself to conquer for their own profit and at the cost of YOUR lives and those of the “enemy” they’ve convinced you to despise as though you were actually in some way better than them.

    Conceit would be temporarily amusing if one actually deserves to be conceited, but even then it grows old very quickly .

    As for people who don’t deserve conceit but display it anyway, they’re annoying from the start.

    The ones who use that conceit to convince (usually) other people to kill for them are murderers and those “other people” who get so convinced of their own superiority that they actually take up arms themselves, are murderers… AND Morons.

    But definitely not better than anybody else.

  26. ehehehe look to these Arabs and Turks that complaints about the Kurdish flag. What about Jewish flag? 🙂

  27. fuck turkgay first, if you swear my land. and eric in turkgay Kurds are majority not minority because they want to believe and agrre with fuckin CIA facktbook shit just a lie that 15 million Kurds in turkgay. there are betveen 33-35 million Kurds only in turkgay they live so turks are minority, because of fucking system most people has to call themself as turk but real turks just 4 million.

    and Kurdistan is the great land where the Araham,prophet Noah, Eyyub comes from.not necessary to have state coz this is K U R D i S T A N her biji Kurdistan, fuck all the haters assholes.

  28. Yawn…. Perhaps this genius writes better in Kurdish? …though I rather doubt it.

  29. stupit turks do not know anything They talk only…
    They do not read books… Ignore the stupid turks

    Going back to the subject. mesopatamia and middle east was land of peace in the middle east until the turks. mesopotamia is our land for ever we never leave KURDISTAN , our flag and sun never fall.

  30. I am an Iraqi Arab and I do not understand this conversation about Kurdistan! Of course it exists and it has a right to have a flag! In fact regional autonomy of Kurdistan had originally been established in 1970 in Iraq! Unlike in Turkey, Syria or Iran. Our revolutionary hero Abd al-Karim Qasim who overthrew the british puppet monarchy was himself half kurdish and half arab or so to say a pure Iraqi! Even though I wish Kurds their own right to have a country I would find it very sad if they break away from Iraq because our people and culture have been living in harmony for most of the time.

  31. Humph, I’ve spent time in Arbil. I’d not advise anyone to go up there and start messing with the Kurds about their flag. I’ve had rockets zip by close enough to see the flames, literally, in Kirkuk. That area is a tinderbox, it’s going to go up sooner rather than later.

  32. OMG so many people panicing about the kurdistan flag in the map, its not a country, i agree, but thats why the mader of this map maded with () which means uts not a country but it is a people, they are not arabs, turks, syrian or irani, they are kurds….


  33. It happens. And sometimes they come to validate their own fears and hate, and walking away realizing that The Others actually have a point.
    You know, you’re the first visitor to comment on this in almost 4 years?

    and thank you for your courtesy.

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