John Howard- Oz’s political dinosaur dies due to Global Warming

John Howard, Australia’s political dinosaur, is finally dead due to the effects of Global Warming. He lost the election for Australian Prime Minister, and the reason why is that…

like our own local idiots at The Gazette editorial pages he was a political dinosaur who pooh-poohed Global Warming as being of any real concern to him. But it killed him in the end.

In the land most effected by the Ozone Hole and Coral Reef Destruction, drought, and extinction of wildlife, John Howard insisted on mouthing off the same old prescriptions for yet more disaster. Plus, he was a political whore in bed with George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, and Donald Rumsfield.

In the end though, Global Warming finally caught up with the dumb bastard. See John Howard Asleep on Climate Change, where Australian Labor nails him on the issue.

Here is Howard’s mistaken belief… Climate not main challenge: PM. As we can see from the election results, this dinosaur was absolutely mistaken.

Like with the Gazette editorial staff, some political Dodo Birds will either have to evolve or just go extinct. In Oz, Howard is now dead. In Colorado Springs, the paper is just less read.

2 thoughts on “John Howard- Oz’s political dinosaur dies due to Global Warming

  1. Friday’s Democracy Now! featured the Australian scientist, Tim Flannery, recently named 2007 Australian of the Year by Mr Howard, speaking about climate change. If you’ve been living in the dark since 1988, when the first report on global warming was released, Mr. Flannery’s speech is an educational one that should be required listening for every human on earth.

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