Genocide Intervention Network Scam

How many times must well-intentioned pacifists debate the Darfur intervention issue? The Genocide Intervention Network is a creation of the Israeli lobby to push for Western colonial intervention in Africa. On the GIN website, they’ve expanded their “areas of concern” to include Iraq and Ceylon, but the adjustment amounts to lip service considering they advocate no action but Darfur.

The GIN actually stands in the way of antiwar movement. Iraq is named as an area of concern, due, it’s explained, to the region’s susceptibility to sectarian violence. The inference is that a continued US occupation of Iraq is the only responsible option.

The GIN curiously will not take issue with ethnic cleansing AGAINST Arabs or Muslims, in Palestine, Indonesia, Chechnya, Afghanistan or the Philippines. And though the GIN presumes to be global, it doesn’t express any concern for genocidal policies against indigenous peoples in the Americas. In fact, the GIN is uncritical of all US and Israeli policy except where Western intervention is deemed insufficient.

As has already been mentioned, the executive director of GIN is visiting Colorado Springs, beating what kind of drums, you’ll have to decide. The PPJPC is being asked to join the event’s supporters, on the basis that the NAACP is on board. It is true that the NAACP’s mission is shared by those interested in social justice. But where the NAACP might stray, people against war and imperialism needn’t.

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